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How to Strategically Ask For a Raise

Asking your employer for a raise can be a very sticky and somewhat stressful situation. If you walk into it haphazardly, you may come out worse than when you started. That’s why you should think about it strategically before you do it. This infographic from Salary Tutor discusses a lot of the factors that go into getting a raise and some of the interesting statistics that go along with it.

According to the infographic, the best times to ask for a raise are January, June and July. That means that you should start preparing for your request weeks ahead of time. Unfortunately, the graphic shows that weight may be a big factor in an employees income. For instance, when it comes to women, employees that weigh more than 30 pounds over the average weight are like to make close to $14,000 less than others. On the other hand, women that weigh 30 pounds less than the average make close to $16,000 more than others. This may seem wrong, but as the infographic shows, it is a reality. The opposite seems to be true for men, though. Men that weigh 30 pounds over the average weight earn close to $8,000 more and men that are 30 pounds lighter than average make around $8,000 less.

What the infographic also points out, is that increased wages only positively affect a workers happiness up to $75,000 annually. This may coincide with the infographic Spark News discussed last week concerning bad boss behavior and worker’s satisfaction.

SOURCE: Salary Tutor

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