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How to Catch an Employer’s Attention

With so many job seekers out there in the market today, it’s exceedingly difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. It’s even harder to catch an employer’s attention when there are hundreds of other people trying to do the same thing. That is why you have to think outside of the box and come up with different ways to get noticed.

There are a number of different things you can do to catch an employer’s attention from tweaking your resume to using body language to your advantage. Below are a couple of tips I find are great for getting noticed by employers and can be very helpful to anyone, regardless of what field you are in. These tips are well thought out and helpful, but I have to add that one of the best ways to stand out from the competition is with a Spark Hire Profile Video. Amid hundreds of resumes, a Profile Video is a fresh, new way to show an employer why you are qualified for the position. A Profile Video is a 60-second video you can create on Spark Hire. You can use it as a supplement to your resume to physically show an employer your communication skills, personality and passion. You can’t quite do this with just a cover letter or a resume, so the employer can learn more about you in just one minute. Sign up with Spark Hire today and start recording your own Profile Video to send to employers!

1. Resume
Unless a company is using Spark Hire, the first thing they will see of you is your resume. More specifically, when they check their job submissions, they will see hundreds of resume titles. This is the first chance you have to set yourself apart from other applicants and catch an employer’s attention right off the bat. When you save your resume on your computer, how do you name the document? If you’re like most people, you probably just named it “resume.” You’re not thinking about the hundreds of other applicants that are naming their resume “resume” too. So instead, to stand out, title your resume with your name in it: nicole nicholson resume.doc or nicole nicholson cover letter.doc. It’s a very small change, but the results can be massive. You can even use the job title instead of resume. If you want to really set yourself apart, add a little flair to your title with adjectives like, Nicole Nicholson Awesome Content Editor.doc. This one is a little risky, so use be a bit cautious with that. See for yourself; which doc titles stand out to you?

Nicole Nicholson Resume.doc
Nicole Nicholson Content Editor
my resume.doc
Nicole Nicholson Best Content Editor Ever.pdf

2. Send Your Resume In a Different Way
So, you know that hundreds upon hundreds of people are going to be applying for this same job in the same exact way. They will fill out the application, send their resume and cover letter along and add a little message in the email to try and stand out. Boring. If you really want to catch an employer’s attention, then do something that all the other applicants probably won’t do. Send your resume to the employer in a creative, different way. An employer told me once that a candidate mailed them a huge box with just their resume inside. It caught their attention and made them think, “Oh, this person really wants me to see their resume and really wants this position.” Another candidate went to the employer’s company everyday and brought them a muffin or coffee for a week or two. Of course, these tactics aren’t for everyone, but you can think of one you’re more comfortable with and do that.

3. Exude Confidence
If you have the chance to participate in an interview with an employer, then a great way to leave an impression is to show them that you are confident and sure of yourself, even if you aren’t. Often times, job seekers are very nervous and stressed when they come in for an interview. It’s understandable, seeing as though interviews can be very tough and taxing, but you need to show the employer that you are different and that you know you are the best candidate. You can do this by standing and sitting up straight, making steady eye contact, giving a firm handshake, speaking loud and clear and many other ways. Take a look at Spark News’ past post on how to improve your interview confidence.

4. Market Yourself Like a Product
If you think of yourself as a product you are trying to sell to a company, you may have a better chance at gaining an employer’s attention. In reality, you kind of are a product for them. You posses a certain skill set and this skill set may or may not be what the company needs to improve or succeed. The company will use you as a tool to better the company or to keep their business rolling on smoothly. So, when speaking to an employer keep this mindset. Know what your strengths are so you can twist and turn them around to your advantage. It may seem odd or degrading to think of yourself as a product, but it’s really not and chances are the employer is thinking along the same terms. “Who’s going to be the best fit for the job” is kind of like “What is the best product to use in order to fulfill my needs.”

5. Switch Up Your Resume
The first tip talked about how you can change your documents title to catch an employer’s attention, but what about the actual resume itself? With a creative, eye catching resume design you will certainly catch their attention. Take a look at our post on this and spruce up your resume today!

IMAGE: Courtesy of The Personal Branding Blog

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