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A Look At The Most Popular Career Paths From 1970 to Today

This infographic from shows what the most popular career choices are today all the way back to 1970. In the year 1970, education was the most popular career choice and 176,307 college students from that year went to school to become a teacher. That same year, students striving to get a degree in business were at 115,396 making it the third most popular degree. The second most popular degree in 1970 and still in 2010 was social sciences and history.

Since 1970, the tables have been turned a bit and as of 2010 business is the most popular degree among college students with 347,985 students. Healthcare and nursing has become the third most popular degree today with 120,488 students. What’s more interesting is the fact that the number of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree has nearly doubled since 1970. On top of that, 56 percent of those students intend to stay in school to receive their master’s degree. It seems that today having a bachelor’s degree doesn’t better prepare you for finding a job as it did in years past, but is simply a necessary accomplishment in order to even be considered for any job that pays well. Has the weight a bachelor’s degree holds been decreased over the years?



Nicole Nicholson

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