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Economists Predict Colorado Will Out-Hire the Rest of the Nation

If Colorado continues to create jobs and hire the unemployed at the rate it has been so far, it will likely create more jobs than the rest of the nation. The state of Colorado is expected to add 23,000 jobs in the year 2012 in addition to the 27,500 jobs it created this year, according to 2012 Business Economic Outlook from the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business.

If the predictions of economists prove to be true, the other states in the country will have to step up their game for fear of their residents moving to the job prospering Colorado. After reading yesterday’s Spark News blog post, it is not surprising that most of the jobs Colorado is creating are in the healthcare sector. According to the Denver Post, 3,000 jobs are expected to be created in ambulatory services or outpatient services while hospitals are set to hire 2,000 more workers. Furthermore, the outlook presenter Richard Wobbekind predicts that registered nurses in particular will be in high demand.

Though the healthcare sector will eat up a large chunk of Colorado hiring, it isn’t the only field that will amass large amounts of new hires. Economists also predict that computer system design service firms are set to add 2,500 jobs and architectural and engineering firms are expected to add 1,200 jobs. On top of that, private schools are set to hire 1,500 new workers. According to the Denver Post, job creation isn’t the only area Colorado is exceeding in. Economists predict a 4 percent in consumer spending, so as a result Colorado is expected to add close to 6,000 new jobs in the service industry by next year.

With all of this job creation going on in Colorado, economists also predict that the state’s population will grow by 1.5 percent next year with 35,400 new populates stemming simply from migration. It may put neighboring states in jeopardy, but if the predictions even begin to look like they are true it may be wise to consider a new life, and new job, up in the mountains.

SOURCE: The Denver Post
IMAGE: Courtesy of the Lincoln Highway Association

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