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California Global Warming Laws Hurt Job Market

The Heartlander recently published an article that discussed how California businesses are being forced to buy expensive equipment in order to comply with global warming laws. This, in turn, hurts job creation and hiring in the state.

California company Land O’ Lakes, Inc reported in state legislative caucus hearings on Oct. 18 that they spent $4 million on a low-emission boiler that only reduced their carbon dioxide emission by 5 percent. With such a small reduction in emissions, companies and businesses in California have questioned whether the amount they are spending on new equipment is truly worth it. Especially with the job market as weak as it currently is. If companies did not have to spend such large amounts of money on new equipment they could use that money towards job creation and new hires.

On the contrary, California Air Resources Board member Dorene D’Adamo states that the laws and purchasing of new equipment is beneficial for these businesses because global warming is a “serious environmental threat” mainly to crop production and causes more drought. In regards to her argument though, the Heartlander stated that “national and global production of all important food crops has been steadily rising during the past several decades as global temperatures have increased, with nearly all crops setting production records during the past few years.” Various scientific studies have also showed that there has been ongoing improvements in soil moisture for the United States and across the globe. If that’s the case, then the purchase of new equipment during such weak economic times doesn’t make sense to California business owners right now.

Dairy Farmer and Assembly Member David Valada argued that the expensive laws aimed at global warming raise the cost of conducting business in California which may force jobs out of the state and hurt their long-term investments.

SOURCE: The Heartlander
IMAGE: Courtesy of Arths Blogspot.

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