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How Optimistic Are We?

A recent survey showed that both employed and unemployed Americans were concerned about their job as well as their companies future more than they were three months ago. The results showed that 56 percent of employed adults and 91 percent of unemployed job seekers believe that the intense swings in the market and economy will negatively affect their career or job hunt. On top of that, many of the adults felt pessimistic about their company’s outlook and the job market.

Among the pessimism though, there was an increase of optimism toward layoffs: 16 percent of employees thought they may be laid off soon. That is a 6 point decrease from the last time data was collected. Expectations of pay raises remained the same as well showing a glimpse of hope among workers. About 36 percent of employees anticipated a raise within a year, with men more optimistic at 40 percent than women at 36 percent. Rusty Rueff, a career and workplace expert, recommends that Americans, both unemployed and employed, should do whatever they can to remain desirable to the company and advance professionally. “People are invited to make changes every day–they read the news that certain skills are in demand, they hear from their bosses or in the hallway that there are opportunities to prepare for upcoming changes that they’re invited to participate in,” he said, but most people wait until circumstances force them to take action. “If you wait for the situation to change, you’re going to be in trouble,” he added. “Take the invitation.”

Going along with the survey of workers’ outlook on their career, the New York Times gathered information on reader’s thoughts, feelings and comments on the current state of the economy. On a feelings scale, you can take a look at what other people’s feelings on the economy and its future are. You can even categorize the information by what men or women think, different age groups and a number of different economic issues. Take a look and see what other people like you think about the state of the economy. What’s Your Economic Outlook?


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