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sparkCast Episode 032

Spark Hire Podcast The podcast doesn’t stop guys! On our sparkCast for this week, we talk about how many resumes a job seeker really needs. Often times job seekers are told to create a new and unique resume for each job they apply to. Is this really necessary though? It really depends on what kind of job search you are doing.

We also took a look at how a job seeker should handle a job offer if they are still waiting to hear back from another interview. It can be a confusing and tricky situation, so be sure to tun into our podcast from this week to hear how you can politely and correctly deal with this odd situation.

Articles Covered
How Many Resumes Do You Really Need?
Job Offer Series: An Offer While Waiting for an Interview?

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HOST – Nicole Nicholson (Content Editor at Spark Hire)
ALSO – Patrick Beggan (Marketing Assistant at Spark Hire)

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