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How to Work with a Head Hunter

How to Work with a Head Hunter

Searching for a job is not always easy and can take a lot of time and effort.  However, one really great way for you to get solid advice and guidance in the job search process is by working with a head hunter or recruiter.

While, technically, a head hunter’s customer is the hiring manager, the job is a bust without the right candidates.  With this in mind, if you are a skilled worker and a fit for the job, your interests are also in the interest of the head hunter.

When working with a head hunter, it’s important to remember certain things that you should be doing from your end in order to ensure a successful business relationship. 

Be Honest

Always be upfront and honest with your head hunter.  It is so easy for many candidates to simply agree to anything and tell the head hunter what they think he wants to hear.  Don’t fall into this trap as it will only lead to disaster!

When you withhold information or tell untruths to your head hunter, you will not only leave a bad taste in the head hunter’s mouth, but you will also destroy any chance of having a good reputation with the hiring manager.  Keep in mind that many hiring managers across different companies talk, especially when considering new hires.  When you taint your relationship with one hiring manager, you could risk your relationship with another hiring manager at a different company.

Ask the Right Questions

When speaking with a head hunter, be sure that you are fully prepared and that you are asking the right questions.  I have seen job seekers in the past who wish to discuss a job no further than finding out the job title and salary.  Once they hear this information, they want to move on, skipping the most valuable piece of the consideration process.

Ask questions about not only the salary and job requirements, but also ask about the company culture and management style.  Believe it or not, your head hunter can provide you a lot of valuable information on the company and hiring manager that can help you to decide if the opportunity is really the right fit for you.  This can save you a lot of wasted time and cost in time off from work, travel costs, etc.

Respond Quickly

Above all, do not ignore your head hunter.  This is something that happens quite often to head hunters and is seen as a huge red flag when it comes to a candidate’s follow through and interest.

Remember that a head hunter is bound by certain laws of ethics.  We are committed to not only being honest with our candidates but also being honest with our clients.

There have been times in the past when I have had a candidate ignore my phone calls, emails, and text messages.  When this has happened, it is a concern for me and I will ultimately disclose this concern with my client.  A head hunter’s job is to provide the best talent to clients and candidates with poor communication skills are not very promising when it comes to providing the best service to a client.

What has been your experience working with head hunters?  Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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Julia Weeks

Julia is a skilled Recruiter with over 8 years of experience in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring within many industries globally. She works closely with hiring managers and job seekers to understand needs and desires, while offering guidance and ensuring the right fit. When not recruiting or writing, Julia enjoys spending time outside cycling, taking her dog for walks, or honing her sailing skills.

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