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3 Ways to Get Motivated in a Stale Job

Staying motivated in a boring job can seem like a constant struggle at times.  However, with a few tips, you can turn your job into something you enjoy by simply striving to be your best, staying positive, and surrounding yourself with positive things.

1. Set personal goals

In the past, I have held a few dull jobs that were not easy to get excited about.  When you work in a position that has no set goals or drivers for success, it is important that you go about setting your own personal goals.

For example, one position I held, when much younger, was in a warehousing environment where I was cleaning parts of test-sets used on phone poles.  It was not challenging work and was fairly monotonous.  In order to stay motivated and keep up my momentum, I would set goals for myself each day.  If I only cleaned 10 test-sets yesterday, I would tell myself that my goal for today was to clean 11 test-sets.

Granted, this didn’t really change the monotony of the work, but it did give me something to look forward to at the end of the day.  If I met my goal for the day, I would treat myself to something special such as a coffee or my favorite snack.

It’s important that you set your own goals, regardless if your employer has set goals for you or not.  In order to stay motivated, you need to have something to strive for; even it’s just to do better than you did the day before.

2. Maintain a positive attitude

One of the most important things to do in order to get motivated in a dull job is to start your day off with a positive attitude.

On your way to work, try listening to some uplifting music and singing along.  If exercise helps to put you in a positive mood, set your alarm clock a bit earlier than normal and fit in some exercise time into your morning before you go to work.

Starting your day off with a positive attitude can be the difference in a good day or a miserable day.

3. Decorate your office space with positive accomplishments

Sure, you may think of your office space as a non-important place where you go just to get a paycheck.  I’m here to tell you that where you spend the majority of your day is one of the most important spots in your life!

This means that you should make it appealing and attractive to your personality.  Decorate your office space by displaying a few family photos, motivational photos, or a plant.  If you have any awards, recognitions, or encouraging notes from your boss or customers be sure to post them in your office space.

When you make your office space attractive, it can be a place where you actually enjoy being.  Surrounding yourself with positive things can magically give you a more positive outlook on things, causing you to be more motivated at work.

What are some ways you motivate yourself at work?

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Julia Weeks

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