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The Easiest Ways to Impress a Hiring Manager

The Easiest Ways to Impress a Hiring ManagerWhen there’s a position open at your dream company, you want to do everything in your power to blow that hiring manager away and land yourself the job. However, you’re probably also feeling a little bit nervous about the opportunity in front of you. Use these tips to ensure that you impress the person in charge of the hiring in order to land that job you’ve had your eye on:

Don’t be afraid to pause before giving an answer

When you’re in an interview situation, it’s easy to feel as if you’re being put on the spot. When the hiring manager asks a question, you may feel as if you have to blurt out a response right away to avoid causing awkward silence. In reality, it’s advisable to take some time to consider your answer before you deliver it. A well thought out reply is much better than a quick answer that lacks depth. This isn’t a date; it’s okay if there’s silence for a moment or two as you gather your thoughts.

Be prepared for anything

You may think you’re just meeting with the hiring manager, but at the last minute she decides to bring you in to meet her boss or another colleague. Be prepared for any number of different situations to occur during your interview. Assume that you won’t be talking to just one person and you won’t be flustered regardless of what happens.

Don’t forget to follow up

The follow-up is key to making a good impression on a hiring manager. After your conversation, thank this individual by sending an e-mail or, better yet, a handwritten note. Reiterate some of the points you covered in your discussion, and sincerely express your interest in working for their company.

Show that you’ve done your research

You should be able to talk a little bit about why you want to work for that company specifically. Do they have a particular client you’d love to work with? Have they won an award recently that you find impressive? Do they believe in a cause that you’re also passionate about? Hiring managers love to see that you’ve done your research, and aren’t just blindly going on dozens of interviews.

How have you worked to make a good impression on a hiring manager? Share your tips in the comments!

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