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10 Video Interviewing Tips for Job Seekers

10 Video Interviewing Tips for Job Seekers [VIDEO]

As a job seeker, we want to ensure you experience the most success and that you are absolutely on top of your game before doing your interview. In order for you to be successful, we have provided 10 tips on how to best present yourself to potential employers in a video interview. These 10 tips will increase your chances of a follow-up interview and will help you land your dream job.

How To Master Your Video Interview For Success

Since video interviewing is a new process for many, these tips will come in handy before, during, and after your interview.

Here they are!

Tip #1: Be Punctual

One of the biggest mistakes first-time video interviewers make is they wait until the last minute to complete their one-way interview. Don’t wait until the last day before the interview expires. These deadlines are in place so you have enough time to complete the interview and don’t feel rushed. This will also give you some time to resolve any issues if you run into technical difficulties.

If you are preparing for a live interview, arrive early to your scheduled meeting and use the live chat feature to ensure both parties are ready to begin. Just remember to treat your video interview the same way you treat in-person interviews.

Tip #2: Remove All Distractions

Be sure your pets are away from where you are recording your videos, especially if you only have one take. No one wants to hear your dog barking at the mailman in the background or have your cat jump up and knock over your laptop mid-answer.

Also, let your roommates and family know when you will be recording so they don’t interrupt the video and turn off or silence your phone to avoid any surprise notifications.

Tip #3: Clean Up

If you describe yourself as “organized” on your resume and your house looks like a complete mess, don’t expect the rest of your resume to be taken too seriously. This also means present yourself as a clean person—clean shaven, clean clothing, clean everything.

For the ladies, don’t over-do it with jewelry either. Keep in mind; it’s always better to be dressed up than dressed down. Dress as if you are meeting your grandma for tea and try to keep it conservative, and try to stay away from super bright colors or crazy patterns, as it can be distracting. Of course the way you dress may differ job-to-job, so be sure you have taken a look at the company’s culture. Check out their “About Us” page, if they have one, to get a better idea.

Tip #4: Settle Down

Prepare for frequently asked interview questions so you are not caught off guard. Avoid consuming large amounts of coffee or energy drinks, as this may make it appear that you are jittery and nervous.

For the live video interview, make sure you have prepared your own questions to show that you have indeed done your research. This extra little effort will show that you are very interested in working for that company.

Tip #5: Prepare The Setting

Lights, Camera, Action! Don’t record in a dim room, or in front of a window where the viewer will be distracted with what is happening outside. Plus, you will end up being backlit, which will darken your face on camera. Test out the lighting in your room by recording and reviewing videos from your phone. That way, you can review your personal recordings to be sure the lighting is beneficial to you.

Tip #6: Know What You Need

Now that you are prepared and looking your best, it is important to do some technical prep work too. Be sure your microphone and webcam are ready to go. Don’t have a webcam? No worries! Simply download the Spark Hire app to your iOS or Android device.

Be sure you have gone through all of the resources your employer has sent you and check out Spark Hire’s resources page if you have further questions. Also, keep in mind Spark Hire has a support team to help you out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Tip #7: Speak Clearly

Enunciate your words and try not to mumble, as it is difficult for the recording devices to pick up on your voice if you speak too softly. Keep your tone light and friendly, and be sure to turn the TV and music off in the background, as the recording will pick up those sounds as well. I’ll remind you again to turn your phone off here as well.

Tip #8: Be Aware Of Nonverbal Cues

Since Spark Hire offers both live and one-way interviews, it is extremely important that your verbal and nonverbal communication is on point for both platforms. In fact, nonverbal communication has been shown to carry between 65% and 93% more impact than the actual words spoken, so be sure you make eye contact (with your webcam) and sit up straight to show confidence, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

Tip #9: Be True, Be You

Remember, some hiring managers go through a ton of resumes and video interviews daily, so make a great, long lasting first impression. To be sure you stand out from the rest, be yourself, be positive, and don’t exaggerate your credentials or bad talk previous employmers. Above all else just breathe, and relax.

Tip #10: Send A Follow-Up Email To Employer

Our 10th and final tip is kind of a bonus tip for job seekers. Many first-time video interviewers forget to send out a thank you letter or email after they have completed their interview. This is a part of your potential employer’s hiring process so be sure you thank them for their time.

With these 10 tips you will be on your way to video interviewing success! We have also created an infographic called “How To Impress In Your Video Interview” for additional tips and tricks.

Good luck!

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