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2 Reasons to Consider an Overseas Job

2 Reasons to Consider an Overseas JobIf you’ve recently been propositioned with an overseas job opportunity, it can be an overwhelming decision.  The thought of moving and working overseas may have never crossed your mind.  Feelings of fear and hesitation are a normal thing when faced with such a big decision.  However, for a couple of reasons, you should not immediately dismiss an overseas job opportunity. 

1. New Experience

Taking an opportunity overseas can open your world up to a massive amount of experiences.

The most obvious experience is the one that you would gain from learning business practices in another country.  True, many businesses may operate similarly in other countries, but I guarantee there will be differences from a business cultural perspective.  Having the opportunity to learn business in other cultures and environments is an excellent piece of experience to be able to showcase on your resume for future opportunities.

In addition, the experience you will have of starting a new life in another country is something that you will always remember. The time that I have spent overseas, learning different cultures and ways of life, is something that I cherish and will always carry with me. Learning new phrases in another language, making new friends, finding a place to live, and learning how to travel in a new country are all part of an amazing experience that will only broaden your knowledge and life skills.

Living and working in another country has a way of opening your mind and eyes to other ways of doing business and living.  These are also valuable traits to have in many hiring manager’s eyes when you are considering future opportunities.

2. Compensation

When considering an overseas opportunity, take into account the full compensation package.  For instance, compensation may involve more than a simple pay check.  For many opportunities overseas, you may receive special living allowances such as lodging, transportation, food allowances, etc.

When you consider the full compensation package, you may realize that you can earn quite a bit more working in an entry level overseas job versus an entry level job at home.  If you are receiving other forms of compensation, think about how much you will be able to save from your paycheck.

For example, I have a friend who worked overseas for several years.  He not only received a higher salary than he did back home, but he also received other compensation in the form of an apartment, a car, fully paid medical benefits, food allowance, in addition to a company credit card which he could use for fuel costs.  During the time spent working overseas, he was able to save enough money to take a year sabbatical and still have plenty of money left in savings when he went back to work.

When you are presented with an overseas opportunity, do yourself a favor and take the time to investigate the full compensation package and how it compares to opportunities you have been offered at home.

What are some other reasons that you might consider taking a job overseas?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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