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What NOT to Do at the Company Holiday Party

What NOT to Do at the Company Holiday PartyIt’s that time of year…holiday lights, gifts, loads of food, the sound of caroling drifts through the air, and holiday sales are causing a mad rush of consumerism.  Oh, and of course there is that upcoming holiday party that your company is planning.

Feeling a bit nervous about that company holiday party?  Stop worrying and start planning!  Make sure that you are not the gossip at the water cooler after the New Year by avoiding some big mistakes.

Dressing for the club

Plan what you are wearing well before the day of the party.  Remember, even though it may be a party, it is still a company event.  Dressing in clothes that you would wear out to the club is not at all acceptable.  You are not going to a company event to party like a rock star, so you don’t need to dress like one.

Keep your clothes tastefully simple and do not wear anything you would be ashamed to wear around your business colleagues in any other situation. Do NOT dress for the club!

Party like a rock star

This is a big one.  Yes, many companies will serve alcohol at their holiday parties.  I’m not recommending that you should stick only to water.  After all, refraining completely from cocktails can quickly cause you to become an outsider.

Make sure that you know your limit and determine how much you will drink.  I recommend that you do not exceed 2 drinks.

The last thing you want to happen is to have your co-workers whispering about your failed attempt at coyote ugly during the holiday party.  Do yourself a favor and make sure that you have complete control over your actions at the party.  The excessive drinking can wait until you are safely home.

Showing up fashionably late

Arrive on time.  No matter how many times people say that they are fashionably late, trust me, it is not fashionable.  If your holiday party has a set time, get there at that time or no later than 15 minutes.

Quite often, companies will provide cocktails and food at these events in order to encourage conversation and camaraderie amongst co-workers.  When you arrive hours late, you are missing out on that and somewhat interrupting the party because you missed conversations or moments that others are now discussing and laughing about.

Hooking up

This one is probably one of the most important ones.  You are NOT going to the company holiday party to find a date.  If you are in need of a companion, make that arrangement before hand and not after you arrive at the party.  Again, you know there will be gossip after the party and you do not want to be center stage of that gossip.

If you go to the party stag then you should most definitely leave the party stag.  Remember that these are your co-workers that you see every week day.

What are some things you would add to this list?  Please share your suggestions in the comments below.

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