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The Essentials of Job Search Etiquette

The Essentials of Job Search EtiquetteJob hunting can be both emotionally and physically tiring. But it’s important not to let your search get the best of you, and to ensure that you always maintain proper etiquette as you look for your next career opportunity. Here are a few key pieces of job search etiquette that you should keep in mind:

Make it a point to look your best

Even if you’re positive that the office is a casual one where employees are free to wear jeans and t-shirts, you should show up in professional attire. Wait until you actually get a job offer to dress down. Wearing business clothing to the interview shows respect for the hiring manager, and also illustrates your excitement about the opportunity.

Be early

Ideally you’ll be 10-15 minutes early for an interview, but you should certainly never show up late. Yes, traffic jams and other unexpected situations occur. But build time for these events into your day, and always give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to arrive at the office for your interview. If you’re late for a conversation with the hiring manager, you’re basically saying that you’ll probably be late for work too.

Show some excitement

Positivity is a highly appealing trait to hiring managers. Yes, they want to know that you have the knowledge and experience to do the job well. However, they also want to know that you’re genuinely excited about an opportunity. No one wants to hire an employee who will end up dreading going to work each day. There’s no sense in trying to play it cool when you’re interviewing. Show your enthusiasm for the role.

Leave the cell phones behind

It’s best to leave your phone in your car, but if you’re going to bring it into the interview, make sure it’s silenced so as not to cause any distractions during your conversation. Never look at the phone while you’re doing your interview, even if it’s just to check the time. You want to be fully engaged and present.

Same rules apply for video interviews

A video interview is no less formal than an in-person interview. You should still dress in professional attire from head to toe. Pairing a dress shirt or nice blouse with your pajama pants is a big mistake because you never know if you’ll need to stand up in the middle of your interview. You should also take the time to check your equipment prior to a video interview to ensure that everything is working properly so you can avoid leaving the hiring manager or recruiter waiting for you on the other end.

Do you have other job search etiquette tips that are important? Share them with us in the comments!

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