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How to Navigate a Personality Test

How to Navigate a Personality TestAs companies become more and more focused on hiring people who fit the culture that exists within that organization, it’s becoming increasingly common for potential new hires to have to take a personality test. If you’re feeling nervous about this step, here are some useful tips:

Realize that it’s not about “looking good”

Some people go into the personality test with the hopes of impressing their would-be employer. They try to answer the questions with their boss in mind, instead of answering in an honest way. In reality, there are no “right” answers. Failing to respond honestly only skews the answers and gives the employer an incorrect impression of who you really are. Fight this urge and instead take the test honestly. If you’re an introvert, don’t hide it. If you love working in groups, embrace that. There’s no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to this sort of test, so relax and just answer naturally.

Don’t go out of your way to stand out

Some people believe that the best approach is to try to stand out in order to really catch a hiring manager’s eye. While it’s certainly good to be different, there’s just no need to try to be unique when you’re taking a personality test. The time to stand out is during the interview when you’re talking about your skills, values, and experience. By trying too hard to be different during the personality test portion, you’ll end up getting inaccurate results.

Just be normal

If you’re really getting nervous about your answers, think about what the normal response would be. Truthfully, employers just use these kinds of tests to ensure that you’re a good-natured, functioning individual. If you’re seriously hung up on giving the right answer, think about what the most “normal” response would be.

Have you had to take a personality test as you applied for a job? How did you approach it?

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