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3 Ways to Obtain Job Security

3 Ways to Obtain Job SecurityYou’ve noticed things slowing down at work, and you have seen a few people let go.  When times get tough for companies, they must begin to consider what is most valuable to the company when decreasing costs.

If you want to do your best to obtain some form of job security, there are several things that you should be doing.

AOL Jobs poses a very important question which leads into 3 key things that you should be doing at work: “How essential am I at work?”

1. Stay on top of your game

First, make sure your performance is top-notch.  There is no time for inaccuracy or “taking it easy”during these times.  Get your weekly and daily plans together and make sure you are sticking to them.

If your job is what I call a “numbers game”, make sure your numbers are the best.  If you are required to make a certain number of phone calls or presentations each day, make more.  Figure out what you need to do in order to exceed your goals and targets.  If this means you must come in an hour early and stay an hour later, do everything necessary  in order to make this happen.

When companies start letting employees go, they will typically get rid of the underperforming employees first and hang on to the ones who are cranking out the numbers and the work.  I have seen this first hand on many different occasions.

2. Volunteer to take on additional responsibilities

Broaden your skill set.  Step up to the plate and volunteer to take on additional responsibilities.

If someone from another department was let go and they need some assistance an hour each day to help cover some required tasks, make sure you quickly step up and offer your assistance.

Will you be paid extra for taking on the additional work?  Probably not.  However, you are making yourself more valuable by learning another skill within the company.  When the company must lay off additional employees, it will be noticed that you have a transferable skill set when it comes to their line of business

3. Keep a positive attitude

No matter how slow or discouraging business is, keep a smile on your face.  No one wants a negative nelly on the team, especially when times are bad.  When companies are going through tough times, they are looking for employees who are positive and driven towards goals in order to keep things going during the slow period.  Having an upbeat and positive attitude will affect the company’s environment as well as other employees’attitudes.

What are some ways you have made yourself more valuable at your company when times are slow?  Please share your recommendations and experiences in the comments below. 

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