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How Introverts Can Thrive in Sales

How Introverts Can Thrive in SalesWhen you think of a person who has a job in sales, you typically envision someone who’s extroverted and comfortable talking to virtually anyone they meet. While these individuals can enjoy plenty of success in sales, more introverted types can thrive too. They just have to adopt a different approach. If you’re an introvert trying to make your way in sales, consider these tips:

Sell what you’re passionate about

When you’re really, truly passionate about your product, you’ll have no problem selling it to others. It will seem more like a conversation than a forced pitch. You won’t feel guilty about calling on potential clients, because you’ll be confident that your product can actually help them. Before you accept a job in sales, make sure you really believe in what you’ll be selling in order to make your job easy for yourself.

Challenge yourself

When you’re in sales, it can be easy to hide behind the phone, particularly for more introverted types. While over-the-phone sales can happen, ultimately you want to get out and talk to potential clients in person. Challenge yourself to make these kinds of sales calls, even if you feel nervous about them. The first few may seem terrifying, but over time you’ll find that your confidence level will grow. You’ll become more comfortable walking into a business and speaking with the owner. Each time a call goes well, you’ll feel even more prepared for the next one.

Don’t give up

Sales requires thick skin and a lot of persistence, so be prepared to build up both of these traits. You’ll hear “no” a lot, regardless of how good you or your product is. Don’t let this get to you. Keep trying. Make more calls. Follow up. Learn about your industry on a deeper level. Many potentially great salespeople let the rejection get to them and end up leaving the field. Stay focused and don’t lose faith in yourself and you’ll eventually see great results.

Build up your network outside of work

Success in sales is all about who you know, so one of the best things you can do in your down time is to build up your network. Join professional groups, head to happy hours, do anything you can to interact with people you wouldn’t normally meet. When you’re well connected, you’ll find that your job becomes infinitely easier. Plus, these kinds of low-pressure situations get you more comfortable making small talk and meeting new people.

Are you an introvert who has become successful in sales? What tricks have you used? Let us know in the comments! 

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