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4 Interview Tips for Teachers

4 Interview Tips for TeachersWhether you’re new to the teaching world or an experienced veteran, interviews can still give you a case of nervous butterflies in your stomach.  Being prepared for the interview can help you to calm those butterflies, as well as give you an excellent chance at a new teaching position. 

While preparing to interview for a teaching position, there are 4 interview tips you should take into consideration.

1. Be yourself

As edublogs mentions, it’s important for you to be yourself for the interview.  You’ve done something right so far by landing the interview.  The principal has seen your resume and experience on paper and now is the time to display your personality along with the experience.

Before the interview, if you are dragging and need a jolt of energy, have a cup of coffee.  If you are too jittery, get up early enough to exercise and burn off that nervous energy.  Either way, make sure you are alert and enthusiastic for the interview.

Above all, the most important thing is to be honest.  Edublogs recommends that entry level teachers should not try to embellish their experience.  Perhaps the principal is looking for someone energetic, with fresh ideas to add to the team.

2. Be on time

It goes without question that you should be on time for your interview.  Make sure you have taken every precaution to ensure that you are not late.  Map out your route and practice driving it the day before to ensure you know where you are going.  Set your alarm clock one hour earlier, make sure you have your interview clothes laid out the night before, and have your portfolio and resume prepped and ready to go.

Edublogs references the age old interview tip of getting to the location of the interview early, but not to walk in until 15 minutes before the scheduled time.  I recommend that you plan to be in the parking lot 30 minutes prior to your interview time.  This way, you will have 15 minutes to prep yourself and review any notes before going in.

 3. Questions to expect

The night before your interview, think about the types of questions you may be asked in the interview and how you will respond.  As noted in a previous article, practice responding to anticipated questions with a friend or in front of a mirror so you are able to observe your actions as you respond.

Be prepared to be asked questions such as the following:

What do you know about our school?

Why do you want to teach?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What is your teaching style?

Remember to answer all questions honestly and as edublogs points out, be sure to answer with more than a simple yes or no.  When you answer a question, give a brief and concise explanation without babbling on and on.

 4. The power of a written “Thank You”

The importance of the written thank you note is also recognized by edublogs.  After your interview, go straight home and immediately write your thank you note to the principal.  Be sure that you express your appreciation for the interview, referencing something mentioned in the interview, and state your interest in the opportunity.  Mail the letter that day so that the principal is sure to receive your written note within a few days.

You would be surprised the impact a written thank you can have on your chances of being hired.  I have seen hiring managers decide NOT to hire someone simply because they did not receive a written thank you, leading them to believe the candidate lacked professionalism.

What are some ways that you have prepared for a teaching interview?  Please share your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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