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5 Tips for Success During the First Week in a New Job

5 Tips for Success During the First Week in a New JobEveryone wants to be a success in their first week in a new job.  You’ve worked hard for this opportunity and you want to stand out and do well!  By taking time to focus on 5 simple tips, you can quickly be a success in your new career.

 1. Arrive early

The best way to display your enthusiasm for your new job is by showing up for work early.  Showing up on time isn’t enough, especially in those first days.  Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes early.  This shows that you are eager to be a part of the organization and get started.

2. Listen

Typically, when you start a new job, there is some type of training involved.  It is key to sharpen your listening skills so that you will benefit from the training.

Make sure that you have a notebook and pen with you at all times, as you never know when a learning opportunity may present itself.  You will need to take in so much information in your first week on the job, that it will be impossible for you to remember it all.  Listen carefully and take clear notes that you can reference as you are learning.

3. Ask questions

As you are understanding the responsibilities of your new position, make sure you are asking questions.  During training, if something is not clear or if you have a question, be sure to speak up.  By asking questions, you will learn more about your new position and it also demonstrates your eagerness to learn.

4. Interact with co-workers.

More than likely, your new boss, one of your co-workers, or the entire team will take you out to lunch on your first day to break the ice and welcome you to the team.  If this doesn’t happen you can always take the initiative to invite your new co-worker in the neighboring cubical or office out to lunch.

It’s important to interact with your co-workers and start to build relationships with them.  These are the people you will be working with for a long time and they may be able to pass on words of advice and best known methods that will help you succeed.

Strike up conversations with your co-workers.  Ask them what their hobbies are, if they have children, where they went to school.  You’d be surprised how much more pleasant going to work can be when you have strong relationships with the people you are working next to.

5. Stay engaged

If you are one to kick back and relax when given the opportunity, you should snap out of that habit when you’re starting a new job.  If there are any breaks or free moments during training, make sure you are staying engaged.

Help out if you see that someone could use a helping hand with tasks around the office or sit at your desk and review your notes.  You could also use this time to get familiar with any computer systems or databases you will be using in your position.

Refrain from using this time to make multiple or lengthy personal calls.  If you begin to get into the habit of this early on, it will only increase later as your family and friends may expect frequent calls as a standard.

What are some things that you have done in your first week on the job in order to be successful?  Share your tips below in the comments.  

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