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How to Make a Stellar Impression On Your First Day at Work

How to Make a Stellar Impression On Your First Day at WorkRegardless of how long you’ve been in the working world, starting at a new office is always nerve-wracking. Much like the first day of school, for your first day at work you want to select the perfect outfit, avoid embarrassing errors, and make a good impression. When you’re starting a new job, use these tips to make a strong first impression:

  • Build in plenty of time for your arrival: You always want to arrive a little early on your first day in order to show that you’re excited about the job. In order to do this, build in far more time than you think you’ll need. You can always kill some time at your local coffee shop before you head into the office, and it’s much better to seem like an overachiever than it is to run in late and frazzled. Give yourself plenty of time to get lost, deal with a confusing parking situation, or overcome other unexpected situations.
  • Plan your outfit carefully: The outfit you wear on your first day of work exhibits your personal brand, so select it with care. You can show your personality, but make sure that it’s not too tight or revealing, and that you’ll be comfortable in it all day. Hopefully you took note of how people were dressed during your interview and can incorporate a similar style. If you’re unsure what to wear, it’s always better to ask. You don’t want to be over or underdressed on your first day at the office.
  • Brush up on any skills you may need: If you’re going to need a particular skill in this role and it’s been a while since you used it, do a brief refresher before your first day. Either go over the program on your own or take a class. You don’t want to seem under qualified for the job when you show up completely unprepared to do your job.
  • Be friendly: Though you may be experiencing some first day jitters, don’t let this come off as standoffish behavior. Ideally your colleagues will come and introduce themselves to you, but if they don’t then it’s on you to make the first move. Smile and offer a firm handshake as you introduce yourself. Try to remember as many names as you can, but understand that it will probably take a few days, particularly if you’re working in a large office.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Many people assume that if they ask questions they’re illustrating that they’re actually not qualified for the job. In reality, it’s always better to ask questions in order to verify that you know exactly how this company prefers to do things.

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