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The Great Burnout

The whole job search process can be exhausting. If you’re working at least one job, while searching for another job, you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to find time between balancing both. On the other hand, if your job search is a full-time job in and of itself you mind find after a while the stress of the process getting to you and your mind beginning to wander. We’re here to offer some tips to beat the stress and avoid the job search burnout.

Business Insider offers tips from experts in the job search field (including Spark Hire’s own CEO Josh Tolan) for job seekers to avoid burning out in their job search.

In order to avoid stress, it’s important to find outlets to shift your focus every once in awhile. Find a hobby, take a spin/yoga/kickboxing class, just hang out with friends. If you need to take a vacation even. Pull yourself out of the job search for a couple hours each day, and even one or two days a week.

In order to maximize your efficiency, and slow the burnout, close tabs. What I mean by that is only open postings that look interesting to you, and if you don’t immediately feel it’s the right job, close it. Keeping open 20 tabs at once can be overwhelming and may make you apply to less jobs overall. Instead, just focus on the absolute best, three to five at a time, and apply to those in succession rather than all at once.

Get out there and be different. Don’t just apply to job postings, volunteer, network, signup for a staffing agency. Be different and let jobs come to you. There’s an old idea in dating that you’re most attractive when you’re attached. That’s because you’re relaxed and your best self. Alleviate stress and be that best in your job search and you’ll instantly become a more attractive candidate.

The job search can be a stressful time for job seekers–both those who already hold jobs and those who are looking full-time. Instead follow the tips we’ve shared to alleviate stress and avoid a great job search burnout. It won’t just help your health, it’ll reinvigorate and refocus your job search, giving you a better chance at success.

We’d love to hear some of your job search stress busters, so feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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