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How to Be a Great Passive Job Seeker

Passive job seekers have it easier in the job search. Unlike job seekers that are unemployed and on the job hunt, passive job seekers are already working. Job recruiters are more likely to look for a passive job seeker because they show that they already have experience. Great passive job seekers do more than their label gives them credit for. A great passive job seeker will actually be active in the job search while at their current job by remaining engaged and up to date in the job search in order to attract the attention of companies using social recruiting to hire.

Become a great passive job seeker by diving right into the job hunt again. It may seem like a difficult task to undergo in the midst of holding down a job, but the payoff of finding a new and better job opportunity is worth it. Start by updating contacts and adding new ones. You don’t have to add complete strangers just for the sake of building a vast network. Be smart about your networking and tap into groups where you may find people you know such as alumni, company and industry groups on LinkedIn. Aside from LinkedIn, if you have a Twitter or Facebook, you should also be regularly posting and tweeting. You want to have a consistent presence on your contacts news feed. This will prevent people from forgetting you.

Another way you can make sure you aren’t forgotten is to let your contacts and your recruiters know that you’re still active and on the job search by regularly engaging with them. Send a message to three contacts a week to say “hi” and catch up on what’s new. They may inform you of any job openings they may know of. Also, prepare for future recommendations you may need by writing job recommendations for your contacts. This way you establish yourself as someone they can rely on and they can repay you by writing you a job recommendation in the future.

Prepare for finding a job by updating your resume and drafting a template cover letter that matches your current experiences and skills. Also, you can plan ahead for future job interviews by saving up on some vacation or personal days. In addition, have an interview outfit ready to go. All of this will help you be good-to-go once you are contacted for a job opportunity. Save yourself time and stress and become a great passive job seeker today.

 Are you a great passive job seeker? If so, share some tips below!

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Hanna Guerrero

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