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How to be a Standout During a Meeting

A meeting at work can be dull for many, whether it’s a casual informal meeting on an upcoming project or a formal company meeting. You may feel like you have nothing to contribute, but actually you do. If you are one to typically shy away from speaking at meetings, perhaps you just need a change in perspective. Instead of a stress-inducing experience, a meeting can be a perfect opportunity for you to stand out and show your value as an employee at work.

Being a standout at a meeting shouldn’t imply you speak just for the sake of speaking. Come to the meeting prepared with something of value to say that relates to the agenda of the meeting or responds to something a fellow co-worker or supervisor brought up. Know what the agenda of the meeting is beforehand, ask your supervisor and inform them that you’d like to know in order to be ready to contribute. Once you know what the agenda is, come up with helpful suggestions and ask questions in relation to the objective of the meeting.

If you are nervous about speaking up at a meeting, rehearse what you have to say beforehand. Come to the meeting early, and bring a notepad with your notes on what to say. Don’t just focus on what you are going to say at the meeting. In order to effectively stand out in a meeting, you must listen to what others have to say in order to make sure what you say is related to what is being said. Going off someone else’s idea shows that you are paying attention. Jot down anything said that you want to remark on.

As important as it is to speak during a meeting, knowing when you shouldn’t speak is just as important. Show your professionalism by knowing the do’s and don’ts of your organization’s meeting etiquette.

End the perfect meeting standout moment by following through. This means sending out emails and implementing whatever is necessary to push the meeting’s agenda forward and following up with the approved idea you presented at the meeting. Showing that you can be relied upon to bring good ideas at meetings and follow through will have you moving forward in your career in no time.

Are you trying to be a standout employee during office meetings? Share with us in the comments.

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Hanna Guerrero

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