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Dating Your Co-Worker is a Waste of Time

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive reports that 17 percent of the 4,216 of workers in the survey had gone out with co-workers at least twice and 39 percent said they had dated a co-worker at least once in their career. Of those who dated a co-worker only 30 percent indicated the relationship led to marriage. Office relationships seem at times almost unavoidable when you work with the same people day in and day out. If only 30 percent of office relationships end in marriage, then why even bother trying to date a co-worker? It’s more than likely you will face the negative consequences of mixing your career with your personal life.

We’re living in a new technological age where finding your future partner isn’t confined to the spheres of where you work, hang out and live. In 2007, twenty million people visited or used an online dating site. In 2012, the number of online visitors and users doubled to forty million. Clearly, there are plenty of fish in other seas outside of work. Thus, your chances will be greater at finding a significant other if you scour those waters.

Furthermore, office relationships are difficult to navigate. In order to maintain your professionalism in the workplace you must keep your public displays of affection at bay until after work hours. This can be hard for some that are infatuated by the person they have to see for eight hours. Kissing or hand holding puts your professionalism at risk. Co-workers and supervisors may view these displays of affection as unfit for the workplace and it’ll make them uncomfortable.

As another consideration, typical romantic relationships have their ups and downs and a rough patch with your office hubby may ultimately affect your work performance. It can be hard to concentrate on your work when your love life is on the rocks and the person is in the same office space as you. The tension can be crippling.

Let’s not forget about the inevitable break up because chances are you won’t be a part of the 30 percent of workers who find marriage in an office relationship. In short, working with someone you used to have a romantic relationship with is hard. It’s awkward and if the relationship didn’t end on a good note, you can be sure that one of you will end up leaving their job or switching departments.

As much as we’d like to believe that our soul mate is working with us in the very same office, it’s just not likely. More often than not, you are bound to jump into an office romance that will result in a break up and awkward break room encounters. You’ll find it hard to concentrate on your work whether the relationship is great or bad. Romantic relationships in the office are a distraction to your career and it’s best to just keep your love life and career separate.

What’s your take on office relationships? Waste of time or worth your time? Let’s dish in the comments below!

SOURCE: Office Romance: When Does It Make Sense to Mix Business With Pleasure?

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by CarbonNYC

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