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How to Stay in Top Job Seeker Shape

While some of us may be flagging in our New Year’s resolutions to get in good physical shape, even more of us may be in poor job seeker shape.

I’m talking to you, employed people!

It’s great to not be conducting a job search right now— bask in it a little. However, the unpleasant reality is that any of us could be thrust back into the job market at any time. On a brighter note, sometimes the best job opportunities crop up when you are least expecting them. Passive job seekers are in the best shape to take advantage of new career opportunities whenever they are available.

As passive job seekers, the bare minimum is to keep your resume, video resume and social media profiles up-to-date. It is important to update your resume every time you have a big accomplishment at work; something that would look especially flattering on a resume. If you don’t update it soon after the fact, you might have a hard time remembering later (that would stink!). By doing this, you can always at least be ready for an unexpected job search.

More productive passive job seekers should be sure to consistently engage with his/her professional community through networking. This means attending conventions and conferences (i.e. networking events) and keeping up on industry news. Although some of these things may be built into your work life already, be sure to capitalize on all networking opportunities regardless. It’s also a great idea to contribute to any professional organizations or publications. Accept any opportunities to coordinate events or speak at reunions as well. Also, be sure to keep up with professional friendships by networking, even if it just means the occasional LinkedIn message or re-Tweet.

Finally, keeping an eye on job openings is a great practice for passive job seekers. Troll the job boards from time to time, and keep an eye on the local paper. Not only will this give you an idea of the job market- should you have to go back on the job search- but will also help you avoid missing out on great professional opportunities. Additionally, if you find some jobs that you aren’t interested in, feel free to pass the information along to any of the other job seekers that you’ve just re-connected with through your networking events. Everybody loves a friend who can help with their job search!

How much do you job search while employed? Discuss the life as passive job seekers below, or send me a tweet: @ithinkther4iamb

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Kristin Anderson

Kristin has a B.A. in English from the University of Iowa, with an emphasis in creative writing. In her free time she enjoys long walks, kitchen adventures, and making puns.

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