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How to Be More Likeable at Work

We’d all like to be likeable. For some people, likeability comes easier to them than others. Their charismatic charm makes them likeable to all of their coworkers in the office. Others are left wondering why they can’t be like that person. In almost every kind of company culture, it’s important to be likeable amongst your coworkers. Being liked can get you a promotion or a raise, it can make your boss give you praise, and it can get you a whole new set of friends to hang out with outside of work. Since you work five days a week for at least forty hours, being likeable amongst your coworkers and superiors makes for good office politics that will help you in the long-run of your career.

Make yourself more likeable at work by chiming into the local chatter around your cubicle or workspace. As concentrated on your work as you may be, at times it can be good to take a small break and chat with your cubicle neighbors. Always burying your head into your work may actually hinder your work performance in the end. You may be exhausting yourself, so it’s always good to take a break. Work on your communication skills and start showing your likeability to your coworkers by joining in on their latest water cooler chat. There is one type of chat you may want to avoid though and that is office gossip. Turning into an office gossiper will only get you on the bad side of company culture and many people will avoid talking to you.

Take your chats with your coworkers outside the office and go out to lunch with your coworkers, as CBS News suggests. Instead of having your usual lunch alone at your desk or in the office kitchen, get to know your coworkers better. See if a group of coworkers are going out to lunch that day and join them, or ask around the office to see what people’s plans are for lunch and invite them to join you. Everybody likes to know that they’re being thought of, so just by asking to see if they want to have lunch can leave a good impression.

If your company culture encourages team work, then make yourself a good team player by offering to help your coworkers with their work. If you find yourself trying to find something to do at 3 p.m. on a Friday, then consider asking your coworkers if they need help getting their work done before the weekend starts. They’ll appreciate your help and recognize that you’re a good colleague that cares about the success of others and not just yourself. Your coworkers won’t be the only ones that notice; your boss will likely take note of this good company culture behavior as well.

Finally, the most important thing you can do to make yourself more likeable is to have a more positive attitude at work. Having a good, positive attitude will make you more approachable at work. Always smiling and being kind to others will show and can make you instantly more likeable at work. So cheer up, smile and show your coworkers that you’re happy to be working with them.

What are some ways you work at being likeable at work? Is it something that is important to you or no? Share with us in the comments section below!

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