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How to Start Your Job Search Right This Year

A new year means a new fresh start to your job search. You may have put it off due to the holidays, but now there are no more excuses left. Kicking off your job search this new year is exciting. A new year means new job opportunities, so it’s important to make sure you’re ready to start your job search with the right resources and information. Here’s how to start your job search right this new year.

Job seekers should update all of their online profiles with their relevant information. If you still have a picture of yourself from over a year ago, it’s time to update it with a professional picture of yourself that you’ve taken recently. They are small changes, but they will make a difference. Look over your resume and go over your objective. Is it still the same or has it changed? Go over every detail and see if you need to change anything. It could be that one of your references changed jobs and numbers, or that you briefly worked part-time somewhere over the holidays. Whatever it may be, look to see if it needs to be added or changed on your resume.

Look beyond your resume and online social media profiles as well. Your cover letter and email cover letters are just as important because they are the first things employers read from job seekers. Make sure you have a polished cover letter template and email template. This will make your job search much easier.

Starting a job search this year, job seekers need to update themselves on the latest news and developments in their industry. They should do research and read blogs pertaining to their industry. The more you are caught up in your industry, the more qualified a job candidate you will make yourself.

This new year, job seekers should hit the ground running. Apply for jobs as quickly as they open up in the companies that suit their job needs. The more you hold off applying, the less of a chance you’ll have at landing the job. This year, make it an objective to get things done and to avoid putting things on hold.

Once you do apply for jobs, the next step is the job interview. If it’s a video, phone or in-person interview, you should brush up on your interview skills. You should also research the company and it’s concerns and be able to address their needs based on the skills you have. The more prepared you make yourself the better off you’ll be.

By starting your job search off right this year, there is no doubt you’ll find the perfect job. Job seekers should seize every job opportunity out there and with the proper preparation they’ll see job success this year.

What are some tips you can give to job seekers starting a job search off in 2013? Share with us in the comments section below!

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Hanna Guerrero

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