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5 Ways to Get Inspired at Work

The daily 9-to-5 grind can wear you down and leave you lacking clear motivation. You may ask yourself, “why am I here or why am I doing all this?” Countless tedious tasks and the same weekly projects may have you questioning what exactly is your reason for working in this job. It can easily lead you to fall out of love with your job, but in order to avoid that you can motive yourself at work to keep both your productivity and your happiness up.

1. Make a list of your career goals.
There’s nothing more inspiring than having your career goals written down on a white board or a post-it at your desk. Don’t make the list extensive or detailed. Simply have your three major career goals written out and visible to you. Seeing those goals everyday will be sure to boost your productivity and serve as a good reminder as to why you do the work that you do in the first place. They’ll constantly be on your mind and they’ll work as a motivator rather than a distraction.

2. Who inspires you?
Another way to get inspired at work is to find someone who inspires you. This may be a certain political figure or author- it doesn’t matter who the person may be, but as long as you have one you can put a quote or two from them up on your desk. It’s always nice to have inspirational words to get you through the day. You can also take a small break from your work to read a bit on your inspirational person. Doing this can refresh your thinking and may inspire you to look at things a different way.

3. Laugh
You can’t go through the day without a laugh or a smile on your face. You may have marked all those emails from coworkers as spam, but go through them again and check out those funny YouTube clips they’ve been talking about. As Forbes suggests, find something that makes you laugh and you’ll find yourself feeling more inspired to work rather than bored and tired.

4. Keep track of positive feedback.
Remember that time your boss told you you did excellent work on your project? It was probably one of the best sources of feedback you’ve received from them. Start keeping track of your positive feedback and look back at them often. Having all of the good aspects of your work skills on paper will inspire you to keep maintaining that level of great work performance. It’ll also remind you that your boss appreciates and admires your good work.

5. Keep your space clean.
Clean your workspace. There’s nothing less inspiring than a cluttered and messy workspace. Having a messy workspace can make you feel frazzled and out of control. Take control of your workspace by organizing it and making it a clean space to work in. You’ll find your productivity go up and will likely feel less tense. You’ll also feel more inspired to keep working in a space you’ve made your own.

What are some things you do to inspire yourself at work? Share with us in the comments section below!

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Hanna Guerrero

Hannah is an intern writer here at Spark Hire. She is from the northern suburbs in Chicago and is currently studying journalism at DePaul University. She has always had a passion for writing which is why Journalism has proven to be the perfect career for her. She has written for the DePaulia Online on various topics such as fashion, music, movies and television. She loves living in Chicago because it offers exciting events to write stories on. In her free time she enjoys going to music concerts, watching movies with friends, cooking vegetarian food and walking her adorable Cocker Spaniel Coco.

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