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Job Interview Tips for Introverts

Job interviews are all about job seekers being put on the spot, talking in depth about their strengths and having a lengthy conversation with a stranger. Don’t forget learning about a new company as well! Being personable and social is second nature to extroverts who relish being in the spotlight and getting to know new people. For introverts, they tend to think about what they are going to say before they say it, and don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. They’re more behind-the-scenes sort of people. Job interviews may be one of the most uncomfortable experiences for introverts- be they in-person or through a video interview- but it doesn’t have to be. Job seekers that have introverted personalities can draw on their strengths instead of trying to be more extroverted in order to have a successful video interview or in-person job interview.

Introverts are great researchers, so the more research done beforehand on answers to typical job interview questions and the company, the better prepared you’ll be. The more you rehearse your answers to questions the more confident you’ll feel going into the interview.

Be prepared to have small talk. As Personality Desk states, introverts tend to dislike the art of small talk especially with a person they aren’t familiar with. Practice your introduction for your video interview, your greeting and your body language beforehand. Knock the small talk out of the park by having a small anecdote to tell.

Social media is a great tool introverted job seekers can use to make the video interview easier. Getting to know people over social media is a lot easier for introverts than in-person. Connect with the company you are interviewing for by following them on Twitter and Facebook before your video interview. Find something interesting about their tweets and posts, and mention this in the job interview. This will show you did your interview research and that you truly are interested in this company.

It’s important to recognize that not every job interview is as we expect it to be, so you will likely end up having to answer unexpected questions. As long as you have prepared extensively for the interview, this shouldn’t pose a severe problem. A good method to help yourself when confronted with a question you don’t know the answer to right away to is to rephrase the question out loud. As you say it, the question will likely bridge your answer to it, therefore buying you time.

Introverts aren’t keen on bragging about their own accomplishments either. Unfortunately, job seekers can’t have a successful job interview without talking about their achievements and skills. Introverts should take this opportunity and remind themselves that it’s alright to talk about your achievements even though you don’t think so. If you really want the job, you’ll sell yourself because if you don’t there’s always someone else they can hire that can. Don’t miss out on this job just because you don’t feel comfortable talking about your achievements.

Do you have any interview tips for introverts? Are you an introvert that has a tough time with video interviews or in-person interviews? Share with us in the comments section below!

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Hanna Guerrero

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