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How a Senior Job Post Can Help Your Job Search

If you’re a big picture dreamer, read on. If you’re a planner, read on. If you’re a job seeker in need of direction, read on. Surely by now you’ve perused numerous newspaper classifieds, countless online job postings, and sent resumes to any great number of potential employers. If you need a little perspective or if you need a little guidance, this tip is for job seekers like you.

Amid all of those job postings and availability blurbs is a wonderful gem. When you’re on the website of that company or organization you would just die to work for, browse for the positions with keywords such as “senior,” “executive,” “director,” and “manager.” Open those postings for “Senior Manager of This” and “Executive Director of That” and study them carefully. These are positions for job seekers with years of experience and a highly developed, professional skill set under their belts.

Why does this pertain to entry level job seekers? Think about it: there is an incredible amount of valuable information in there!

Right here before you are the qualifications and skill set necessary to be an excellent candidate for your dream job. Dissecting this is as if someone’s given you a cheat-sheet of all the top qualities and qualifications a specific company values out of their job seekers and said, “Here are the answers to the essay section of the test.”

These postings tell you just what skill set a company looks for in highly qualified job seekers. On a micro level, job seekers can take these and use them as a guide to focus their job search. What kind of job will help you gain experience in digital sales? What position would help you develop the skill set necessary to be an expert at Excel? If you’re interested in a specific company, what kind of previous experience do they ask of their senior employees? What specific skills do they ask their job seekers to posses very strongly? What kind of educational background does a desirable candidate possess?

Break this job description down in order to create manageable, attainable goals for your own job search and, in a larger sense, your own career. Starting from the top can help you get a jump start on building the skill set and experience necessary to accomplish your goals. This is just one unique way that you can use the great number of resources at your disposal throughout your job search, and make the job search work for you.

What are some other ways you can increase your job search and learn more about your dream job? Let us know in the comments section below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by steve heath

Kailyn Baum

Kailyn is a recent college graduate with degrees in English and Political Science. She is currently working in the publishing industry, where she loves the fact that she is paid to immerse herself in talking and thinking about books all day long. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading, cooking, line-dancing, and writing short stories and poetry. Her sincerest hope for contributing to Spark Hire’s job seeker blog is to provide job seekers of all ages with the tools and sense of humor necessary to stay calm and carry on.

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