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Career Advice: Knowing When and Where to Seek It

One of the tricks to being an effective job seeker is possessing the knowledge and motivation to propel yourself forward. In your job search, you need to be willing to put in the time and effort necessary to discover the opportunities that could land you a great job. This isn’t always easy though. What happens when you hit a wall in your job search? What happens when you’re overwhelmed with resumes, cover letters and cold calls? Where can you go to seek career advice and inspiration?

There are many opportunities available to job seekers today for career advice. Here are a few ideas and opportunities that may help to reignite your job search fire:

Stay Informed: There are always news stories, studies and media such as blogs and special interest websites which discuss current trends in specific fields, up-and-coming types of careers, and practical advice from those who have been in the same place as you.

Family and Friends: Never discount the career advice of those people in your life who care about you and know you best. They may have poignant insight on what kind of career you should be pursuing or what the next best steps are in your current career.

Compatibility and Aptitude Tests: A number of these are available online- both for free and for a set fee. If you’re in school, one is probably available through your career center. These tests ask you questions concerning your personality, interests, activities and career path. They use this data to tell you a number of different things you may be compatible for. Generally, the results tell you what types of jobs you may be well-suited for or find interesting. Some will give you data on what jobs others of your gender, age group and interests are currently holding.

Job Fairs: Job fairs are everywhere! They are a great way to be exposed to new opportunities and to potentially network with individuals in your field of interest. Even though the internet has taken over, career fairs are still beneficial to job seekers all over.

Professionals in Your Field: Your networking skills will most likely come into play here. Contact professionals in your line of work or your desired line of work. Ask them questions about their career paths and specific career advice for the future. How did they get to where they are now? What can you do to get there?

Mentors: Mentors can be both personal and professional. Some companies even offer mentor programs to help their employees develop professionally. These individuals can be a great resource of sage knowledge for career advice. Looking for a mentor is a great step job seekers can take to better their job search and career.

Career Counselors: For students especially, this can be a valuable and usually free resource for career ideas and advice. These individuals know the job market and can help job seekers determine what jobs might complement their interests or what next steps they should take.

Networking Events: In many cities, there are local groups that hold events specifically focused on the benefits of networking. For job seekers all over, this can be an advantageous time to meet other professionals in different fields and broaden your horizons.

Online Job Search Engines: This can be an avenue to explore opportunities you never would have thought of previously. Create a profile on and see the jobs and resources available to help guide you in your job search!

What is some career advice that helped you in your job search? Where did you get it? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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Kailyn Baum

Kailyn is a recent college graduate with degrees in English and Political Science. She is currently working in the publishing industry, where she loves the fact that she is paid to immerse herself in talking and thinking about books all day long. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading, cooking, line-dancing, and writing short stories and poetry. Her sincerest hope for contributing to Spark Hire’s job seeker blog is to provide job seekers of all ages with the tools and sense of humor necessary to stay calm and carry on.

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