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Best External Webcam for Video Interviews

Has an employer invited you to participate in a video interview but you don’t have a webcam? It seems preposterous to some, especially given that nearly every computer on the market comes with a built-in webcam, but to those of us still toting around laptop models from the last decade, the lack of video capability can be a frustrating problem- especially since video interview is gaining popularity among hiring managers. We can’t Skype, we can’t take videos, and most importantly, we seemingly can’t conduct video interviews on our computers. What’s the remedy? An external webcam. Yet with so many to choose from, what are the best options? Here are the three best webcams on the market according to tech review website CNET and based on cameras reviewed from 2010 onward— just for video interview of course.

Taking the top spot on the list is the Creative Live Cam Socialize HD AF at an MSRP of $59.99. It’s not the cheapest webcam on the market, but it’s a good, medium-priced webcam that provides HD quality film in a small package. For job seekers, it would be a great webcam for a video interview with employers.

Next up is the Logitech C510 HD listed at $45.54. While a bit older, this camera is ideal for streaming video through a number of different programs and does support HD quality. The video can be choppy at times though if using a slower computer, so job seekers with overloaded drives may want to opt for a different webcam. You wouldn’t want to be a glitchy image in your video interview with an employer!

Finally on the list is the Microsoft LifeCam HD-500 coming in at the lowest price of $29.26 on The camera is not as ideal for video interview, and is not compatible with Mac OS so job seekers with Macs are out. However, it is one of the cheaper models on the market and is good at live video chatting (though it is slightly less optimal at recording). Of course, there are countless other webcams that job seekers can choose from to use in a video interview with an employer. These are just a few.

Regardless of which webcam you choose, the features you want to look for when considering a webcam for video interview include a high-resolution camera- preferably HD- no choppy-effect, a good microphone so as to not have employers miss any answers, and portability in case you need to switch locations. Furthermore, a cumbersome webcam may distract both the job seekers and employers from the interview.

Even if your computer offers a built-in webcam, depending on the quality, you may want to invest in an external option as well. Many built-in webcams may not be ideal for streaming videos at high quality and speed, and investing in even a lower-end model may allow you to come across as more professional in any video interview you participate in. No matter the webcam you choose, you should always test it out before you sign onto a video interview with an employer. You want to be sure the lighting is efficient, that you can be heard and that everything in the webcam frame looks good. Be sure to brush up on your video preparation skills before you get started and you should be good to go.

Have you participated in a video interview before? What kind of webcam did you use? Let us know how it worked in the comments section below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by MShades

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