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How to Effectively Stand out in an Interview Without Speaking

When it comes to making a good impression, actions can speak louder than words. The way you present yourself from start to finish during your interview will have a big influence on the manager’s hiring decision. You want to make sure your movements and gestures, or body language, help you sell your best self to your potential employer. Here are some tips on how to effectively stand out in an interview without speaking.

The moment you walk into your interview, you want to look confident and happy to be there. Any adjustments you need to make to your outfit or hair should be done before you walk in and meet your potential employer. You don’t want to walk in adjusting your skirt or tie. If you aren’t comfortable in heels, this is not the time to wear them. It isn’t worth it to walk in like you’re walking on eggshells just to appear taller. Be comfortable in the clothes you’re in; this will help you appear more comfortable and confident in your body language when you make your first appearance.

Aside from walking in with confidence, you want to smile. The amount of impact a smile has on a first impression can’t be stressed enough. A great smile can help you stand out from the bunch. Then there’s the handshake. Avoid giving a nervous or clammy handshake. Try to relax yourself before walking in so you can give a good, firm handshake. Give your strong handshake with a smile and you’re right on track to having a good interview.

Eye contact is important when it comes to body language in an interview. You don’t want to look away when you are asked a direct question. When you respond to a question you want to look at the person who asked you the question directly. Giving persistent eye contact will show you’re listening and are paying attention. Another way to show you’re listening is to nod in response to what is being said, this way the interviewer knows you’re paying attention. Never look down on the floor- this shows nervousness.

When it comes to how you sit at the interview, you don’t want to appear too stiff or too relaxed. Looking too stiff, like sitting on the edge of your seat or crossing your arms, will make you seem closed off and disinterested. Looking too relaxed, like leaning far back into your seat or slouching, also shows disinterest. See how your body language weighs on perception? It’s best to sit up straight and have your body relaxed. Try to imagine you’re sitting down with your friend at a fancy restaurant. This will help you adjust yourself. Leaning forward a bit will show that you are interested in what’s being said.

Selfgrowth suggests you avoid making sudden movements that show that you aren’t interested like yawning or rubbing the back of your neck or side of your head. These can make you stand out in a bad way. Don’t give away your nervousness by trembling, foot tapping, hair tugging or lip biting. If you catch yourself doing one of your nervous ticks, stop yourself immediately and move on.

The key to giving good body language during an interview is to be prepared, confident and ready. The more prepared you are for the interview beforehand, the less nervous you will be. Dressing in an outfit that makes you feel confident on the inside will show on the outside through your body language. Always smile and show interest in what’s being said. Utilize these tips to stand out and you’re sure to win over your interviewer without saying a single word.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by pdbreen

Hanna Guerrero

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