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How to Be the Go-To Person at Work

A go-to person is that person at work that you can always rely on to pump out great work on time and at a moment’s notice. They are able to take on anything and are always eager to help their fellow coworkers on projects by bringing creative ideas to the table. They are confident, creative, hardworking and dependable. We would all like to be the go-to person at work, but it can be a hard title to tackle. Not only does it offer more responsibilities, but with more responsibilities comes more work and pressure to keep up with deadlines. Here are some tips on how to be the go-to person at work without overwhelming yourself.

The most important characteristic of a go-to person is their reliance and availability. You want to stop saying no and start saying yes to accepting new projects, tasks and roles within your department. We sometimes hold back on taking new tasks because we fear that we won’t be able to handle them, or feel that they aren’t what we’re used to doing. Stepping out of your work comfort zone and taking on new tasks is the perfect way to establish yourself as a go-to person.

This, of course, demands you have a high confidence level. You need to trust your skills and have the confidence to know that you are capable of getting new tasks accomplished. Taking on new projects and roles won’t be easy at first- it may feel like learning to ride a bike all over again. Once you get the wheels in motion though, you’ll be riding down a path full of new successes.

Another way to be the go-to person at work is to be open to working with coworkers and helping them on projects. Many times we focus solely on our own work. However, most of the time work is a team effort. You have coworkers you work with on a daily basis in your department that probably seek out help when they’re in a crunch. If you’ve only been giving a little bit of help, you could probably be giving a lot more. A go-to person is ready to assist others when needed. This certainly doesn’t mean that you should completely throw yourself into other people’s work and take all the credit- that would be selfish and unprofessional. Simply asking your coworkers if they need some help though can make you the go-to person easily.

You need to be collaborative and share the credit. You’ll find that working with others makes completing projects, presentations and tasks go by with more ease. When there are two heads working instead of one, new ideas that haven’t been thought of before can be used. Working with others will also make others view you as reliable and as that go-to person for a helping hand, or someone to offer their input.

Helping others, taking on new tasks- this all sounds like a lot of work, right? You may find yourself with a lot on your plate. Like Work Awesome states, in order to be a good go-to person you need to have good time management and organizational skills. You need to establish how much time you need for each item you’re working on, keep track of deadlines and promptly follow up with emails and calls. It may appear to be overwhelming at first, but if you have the right attitude and mindset you can work it out.

Establishing yourself as the go-to person at work pays off. Your boss will recognize you stepping up to the challenge. They’ll view your progress and you’ll be seen as a leader and stand out employee. It never hurts to be a go-to person at work once you’ve worked out the kinks.

Do you consider yourself to be the go-to person at work? What extra actions do you take to make that so? Let us know in the comments section below.

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