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how to bring energy to your video interview

How to Bring Energy to Your Video Interview

how to bring energy to your video interviewTechnological advancements coupled with a never ending desire for speed have helped to popularize video interviews. Reviewing job applicants through a webcam is quickly becoming the smart way to conduct an interview. This allows hiring managers to sort through prospects more efficiently. It also takes the burden of travel off the applicant. The world of the webcam broadens the playing field for both employers and job seekers. So how does one successfully compete when talking to a camera?

Focus on your energy level. Energy is not a bouncing-off-the-walls attitude. It refers to a keen interest in the position. Most hiring managers are looking for employees who have the knowledge base to make a significant contribution to the company. Be prepared to give specifics about how you will enhance their business. Ted Johnson, a young man who was recently hired as a production manger, said he did research to learn about problems at the factory and talked about ideas to resolve them during his webcam meeting.

“I learned that production was way down due to inferior supplies. The rubber gloves used by workers on the line did not tolerate high temperatures during storage,” Johnson explained. “Crew members were constantly stopping to throw away damaged gloves and get new ones. I was able to identify a problem, suggest a new glove manufacturing supplier and discuss how the company could save time and money if they simply switched to another vendor.”

Energy is also conveyed through your ability to connect with the task at hand. When you are in front of the camera, maintaining your focus is paramount. Do not allow your eyes to wander. Do not fidget or play with items at your desk.

Finally, enthusiasm is a great way to energize your video interview. Cool and laid back may be your style, but on camera this comes across as indifference. Let the person on the other side know that you are eager to join their team. Speak clearly with a good volume level. Sit straight. You may have on shorts and slippers from the waist down, but remember not to sit like you are on the couch enjoying a movie.

The best way to ensure that your presentation is energetic and professional is to rehearse. Record a mock video interview and get others to give you an honest critique. Fine tune your technique until you have made a great impression on you! Doing these things can really help to bring that energy you need in your video interview.

Have you ever participated in a video interview? If so, how did it go? How did you bring energy into it? Let us know in the comments section below!

Adrienne Jones

Adrienne Jones has worked as a freelance author, ghost writer, copy editor and writing coach for several years. She is the author of “Rhymes of Death”—a mystery novel and “Bible Theories”—a critical synopsis of biblical text. Her work has been published in various print and online media sources. She specializes in movie reviews, feature articles and artist profiles.

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