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How to Deal with a New Boss

Major changes are tough to deal with, especially when things are going so well. If you had a good relationship with your former boss, but are now forced to say good bye and welcome a new one, it can be difficult to adjust. Your job title and position in the company hasn’t changed, just your boss. You may want to make comparisons of your new boss to your old one, and you may want to complain about their different style of managing. Dealing with a new boss takes a lot of time, patience and acceptance. Take a look at these tips to help you deal with a new boss.

What you should first do is make a complete mental shift in the way you view your new boss. Remind yourself that this is a completely different individual from your old boss. This will stop you from making frequent comparisons. You may view your old bosses managing techniques as the right way, but this only works against you. Different people possess different managing skills and you must be open to accepting their new ways. In order to familiarize yourself with this new person’s managing style, try getting the word on the new boss from coworkers, other managers or HR. Find out where they’re coming from and if anyone has worked with them in past. This way you can prepare yourself for what kind of boss you’re going to be working with. However, don’t participate in gossip or overtly negative discussion.

You should quickly establish your relationship with your new boss. If they haven’t set up a meeting with you on their first week, then be proactive and make the first move yourself. Meet with your new boss so you can get to know them on a personal level and then discuss expectations. Your new boss may have new ways of handling certain projects or doing certain things like email and phone calls. Make sure you discuss the expectations and clarify anything that you don’t understand. This will clear any discrepancies that may arise.

After the first initial meeting, establish good communication throughout the week with your new boss. This will ensure you meet deadlines and are doing tasks up to their standards. Try meeting on a weekly basis to catch up and keep the synch going. Meetings don’t need to be long, they can be quick 15-minute ones.

Another important thing to do is to give your new boss time to establish their footing in the company. Don’t expect things to be running perfectly in the first weeks. Don’t blame your new boss for these mistakes; just remember that they need some time to take complete control of things. They may be changing the way things are done to make them more efficient. You’re not the only person they have to meet and establish a relationship with. The new boss has a lot of responsibilities that may be challenging to them in the beginning.

Make sure you’re receiving feedback. This will help you determine if your relationship with your new boss is working out. If they’re giving you feedback, appreciating your hard work and communicating, well then you may find yourself building a good relationship with your new boss. If your working styles are clashing and you find yourself hating a job you once loved, then it may be time to determine whether you want to stay or not.

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