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Work Habits That Can Get You Fired

Work can cause us to create habits that may be putting us at risk of getting fired. What we do to take a break from our heavy work schedule, like making a personal phone call or checking up on Facebook, are habits that can potentially get us fired. They can ruin your reputation as a hard worker and make your boss second guess your potential at your job. Here are some habits to watch out for that can get you fired.

Complaining about your boss or your work in the office through gossip, email or social media is bad. You may think you’re being private about it, but nothing on the internet is private- not even your email. Whatever you’re sending through the company’s computer and email is subject to employer review. Don’t feel too bad; a recent study by Georgia Tech revealed that 15 percent of company emails are gossip. Chances are you and other coworkers are exchanging details on the current employee to get fired or who ate the last popsicle bar in the fridge. Either way, make it a rule not to vent your work frustrations on your computer, and keep the gossip for outside the office because you never know who may overhear you.

Not being able to handle bad feedback reflects on how you handle your job. If you get angry or defensive at the slightest negative feedback, you’re making your boss’ job more difficult. They will stop trying to give you constructive feedback therefore making you unable to keep progressing and moving forward in your career. They won’t be inclined to recommend you for a higher position given your defensiveness to feedback. Another thing that will make your boss frustrated with you is if you only do the minimal work that is asked of you. You may think that only scrapping by with the minimal work done is OK, but in a workforce atmosphere where many people are competing for jobs your boss can easily find someone who’s willing to go above and beyond the job to get the desired results. Don’t slack off, even when times are slow at the office. Always do your best work.

Along with the notion of slacking off, don’t take over an hour on your lunch break. It can be tempting to walk around the city, maybe do some shopping or run a quick errand for yourself, but you’re on the company’s time. Wasting the company’s time shows you stole from the employer by taking more than the allotted time. Coming into the office after an hour and a half lunch break every week may show your boss that you aren’t dedicated to working. Staying to eat lunch at your desk, even if you aren’t doing anything work-related at least gives you the credibility that you’re there ready to work.

One of the worst habits you can have is hiding things from your boss. Whether it’s a missed deadline or an angry client, hiding things from your boss won’t solve the problem. You may feel like you have the situation under control, but your boss needs to know these things in case someone addresses them. If you are too afraid to confront your boss about it, when they find out about it on their own they’ll lose their trust in you.

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