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Ways You Can Get Your Exercise On at Work

Work tends to keep us busy from getting a proper exercise at the gym or a long run outside. As busy as we are at work, a lot of the work keeps us sedentary. Between sitting on our commute and sitting at our desk, we aren’t being very physically active. Sitting for large amounts are time affects our circulation putting ourselves more at risk for blood clots. It’s also known that the more sedentary you are the less productive you are. Here are some ways to fit in exercise at your work.

Help out your back and find ways to do more things standing rather than sitting. Standing also burns more calories than sitting. Take a coffee break and stand in the kitchen while you drink, or have a meeting where you stand instead of sitting. Take breaks in between your work to stand and go out to make a phone call. This will also help you on being more productive with your work. It breaks it up so you aren’t struggling over a project for hours on end.

Exercise at your desk. Work on your arms by keeping a light set of weights. This is great for people who work with clients over the phone on their headset since it keeps your hands free so you can work on your arms. Do bicep curls and triceps extensions. You can utilize your desk to do some pushups on it. Doing leg exercises are easier since no one can see your legs beneath your desk. Do some stretches like starting with your feet planted on the floor, then raise and lower the heel five to ten times. Raise one leg and roll your ankle and switch to the other leg.

Do a lot of typing at work? A great way to tone your hands and keep them strong to prevent wrist or hand problems is by using a stress ball. Not only will it relieve your stress, it’ll strengthen and tone your hands. It is a small convenient little ball that will work wonders. Another ball that can help you exercise at work is a fitness ball. You’ve probably seen this large ball at the gym. You can buy one and use it to sit on at your desk instead of your office chair. As long as you can stay balanced, which is quite easy to get a hang of after a while, you can work on your posture and tone your core muscles. You can also work on squats against wall during a small break or your lunch break.

Try incorporating more exercise into your commute. Get off the bus a couple of bus stops away to get a good walk in. Invest in a bike and bike to work. Park your car far away from your office. Take the stairs everywhere you go. These little things will go a long way. These small exercises will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on your work.

SOURCE: Everyday Health
IMAGE: Courtesy of Winnipeg Blog

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