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How to Leave Work Behind While on Vacation

We all deserve time off from work, but we become so attached to our job, we feel like the place will fall apart in our absence. Perhaps that’s why so many of us invest too much overtime at work. It’s easy to stay connected to our work through technology, but doing it while on vacation excessively can be a bad thing. Vacation is a time for your mind and body to relax and find some peace. When you take the time to clear your mind from work, you’ll return refreshed and ready to start again. It’s a time to focus on yourself for once, and indulge in what makes you happy. It’s also  chance to spend quality time with family and friends. Take a look at how you can leave work behind while on vacation.

For starters, let your coworkers and boss know in advance when you will be taking your vacation. This will give everyone time to prepare to take on any of your responsibilities that they may have to take and it’ll also avoid scheduling clashes between your vacation and other coworkers. Schedule your vacation during a time when your presence is least needed. Avoid scheduling during a busy work season or close to a big project deadline. This will alleviate any stress you have about leaving your work behind.

Before you leave, list the status of your ongoing projects, key contact information and clean up your work space. It’ll make you look good while you’re away. Once you return, you’ll come back to a space that won’t make you feel anxious and cluttered. Leave a voicemail on your phone indicating you’re on vacation and how long you’ll be gone. Program your emails to send notes notifying others of your absence if they email you. This will ensure everyone is aware of your vacation and won’t lead to any misunderstanding. Don’t worry about the amount of voicemails and emails you’ll have waiting for you when you return.

Of course, leave behind your laptop. This will take away any temptation of wanting to look over your ongoing work. A lot of people can’t leave their phone behind, which is reasonable, but try not to check your work email or text your coworkers to check in on how things are going in the office. Make it a point on your vacation to not bring up work. After all, this is a break from work. Tell your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends or whoever you’re vacationing with that you will all leave work out of your conversations. This is the best way to keep your mind off work. If you don’t talk about it, you don’t have to think about it. You’re family and friends will appreciate you for this. Focus on your time and live in the moment instead of thinking of the past and future. Being present and alert in your vacation activities and the like will make for a great vacation.

Once you manage to leave work behind on your vacation, you’ll see how rejuvenated you feel when you return. You’ll have a new perspective on things and have those creative juices flowing. It’s the best way to re-energize. Those emails and phone calls you have to return won’t seem so daunting and the ongoing projects you have will run more smoothly. So enjoy your vacation fully and make sure you leave work behind when you jumpstart your trip.

What do you do to ensure that you are leaving work behind during your vacation? Do you find it difficult to actually do it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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