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How to Find a Job Out of Town

live interviewAlthough most of my job applications don’t require that I live anywhere except near a computer, looking for a job outside of your current location can be difficult. You don’t have your normal network, you can’t spot a help wanted sign in a window, and you can’t drop into a local business and work your magic on the receptionist before handing in your resume. Luckily, we here at Spark Hire know a thing or two about making connections over a distance. In fact, it’s kind of our thing. Here are a few tips for finding more jobs in your new city, for overcoming the bias of hiring managers towards locals, and for using Spark Hire to make your search more fruitful.

Although most jobs are posted online, you still can miss out on some opportunities by not being around local news and being a part of a local network. To remedy this, establish yourself as part of the community you are moving to with social media. Join local LinkedIn groups, and look through your LinkedIn connections to find people who live in your target city. Ask your 1st degree connection to introduce you to them, and try starting a conversation about good places to work in your target city. Also check out where they work—or where they used to work—and add those places to your list, if appropriate.

Now you should tackle the bias of hiring managers toward local candidates. Especially for early career positions, hiring managers often opt for local candidates because of convenience. The company doesn’t have to pay for interview transportation, scheduling is more flexible, and if they do hire you and things don’t work out, no one has to feel guilty about making you move across the country. You can take steps to assuage all these concerns. First, state why you are moving to your new city and when, if you can. If you make it clear that your plans are firm, then they don’t have to worry about making you move just for this job. Also state that you are willing to travel for an interview at your own expense, crummy though this might be. By doing those two things, you have effectively ruled out any problems hiring managers might have with choosing you as a candidate.

Now, this is where Spark Hire comes in. You’ve just offered to pay for your own interview expenses (doh!). Spark Hire can help decrease those expenses by offering a video interview platform. In addition to posting your video resume online— maybe you can use some of that staggering charm after all— you can then use our site to talk with your potential employer remotely. Suggest this to your potential employer when they contact you about an interview. You can show that you are practical, tech-savvy, and on the cutting edge of your job search. Plus, they can check out our interview tips before they start!

Have you ever looked for a job in a new city? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below, or on Twitter: @ithinkther4iamb

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