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How to Stay Productive During the Summer

It’s summer and for many, it’s a time to enjoy the sunny weather and relax. It can be hard to be at work on a nice day, knowing that you could be at the beach. A lot of employees take advantage of the slower hours at work and use their vacation days during this time. If you’re planning on going on vacations, there are some preparations you need to make. If you’re just staying around town for the summer, don’t use the summer as an excuse to not do anything at work. You’re still getting paid, and your boss still expects good work from you. It can be hard to motivate yourself to be productive during this time, so here are some tips on how to keep the momentum going.

You probably have lot of things to do this summer. There are vacations with the family and friends, festivals, weddings, barbeques, and so much more. Plan all of these events out in your calendar in advance. That way you know when you’ll be in the office and when you won’t, and you can work around this schedule. This will also allow you to notify your boss further in advance about your absence.

For those vacation-goers, a time of leisure and relaxation awaits, but preparing to leave can be stressful. Don’t let this discourage you. First off, make sure that your manager approves of the time you’re leaving. Make sure you leave nothing unfinished; you really want to avoid doing work while you’re on vacation because that defeats the purpose of a vacation. Sure, checking your work email is OK, but taking time away from family and friends to work on a project in your hotel room is excessive. Have your coworkers give you hand and help you finish what needs to be finished before you go. You’ll feel relieved on your last day before vacation. You’ll leave work behind for a couple of days and get that R&R you really deserve.

Staying at the office, and having trouble figuring out how to stay busy? Consider looking at the goals you listed for yourself to achieve this year. You’re at your halfway mark and if there’s something you considered accomplishing this year that’s work related, then now is the time to do it. Present your ambitious projects to your boss and even if they don’t accept them they’ll like how you’re thinking outside of the box and how you are finding ways to improve the organization. All those small tasks that you’ve been putting off due to their low priority factor can be done during this time.

Slow summer days at work are also good days for re-organizing. Give your desk a makeover and organize all of your files on your computer. In the future, when work starts to pick up you’ll be glad you did. Do catch up on calls with clients, because now more than ever you have the time to talk on the phone. If you’re completely out of loss as to what to do, ask your boss. They’ll give you something to do or you can help out a coworker with their work. All of these things reflect positively on you as an employee and coworker.

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