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How to Land a Great Job Without a College Degree

OK, so you took the unorthodox route after high school and you chose to forgo your college career. Whether you were like me and thought 13 straight years of schooling was a lot and needed a break, or you caught the love bug in high school, got married and had to take that construction job for some fast cash, you put your college career on hold. Regardless of your reasoning, you’re now unemployed, lacking a college degree, and are swimming around in a job market where even college graduates are struggling to find stable work. Well, no need to get too discouraged now. There are plenty of opportunities out there for all of you non-college graduates. Let’s take a look at some high paying jobs and how you can land them even without a college degree.

It’s no secret that college is expensive- even trade schools can be long and pricey. Some people just aren’t cut from the college degree cloth and are more equipped diving right into a career. Fortunately, there are well paying jobs out there that don’t require a degree. Some jobs out there let you start off at a lower level position and work your way up through the ranks. Managerial positions in a variety of professions are up for grabs for those who have experience in the field.

Jobs such as director of security, service station managers, cable supervisors and restaurant or department store managers can all be had without a college degree. Starting off as an entry-level employee and sticking with the company for some years on top of being a diligent employee can ultimately fast-track you up the ranks. Companies like to promote from within to entice people to apply for their entry-level positions. So if you pay your dues long enough, the time spent will ultimately payoff.

There are also well paying jobs that don’t require a degree but do require special training and tests. An air traffic controller pays very well, but is considered one of the most stressful jobs out- and to become one requires a series of rigorous tests. But again, no degree required. Due to the substantial compensation, the industry is competitive; knowing some people already in the industry could also take you a long way. Real estate agents are similar in that you have to be certified first. The certification process comes with a fee, but any high school graduate can be certified. On-the-job training is offered in other professional fields such as truck driving. The six to eight week commercial truck driving course can be obtained without a college degree. Just make sure you like coffee seeing as though driving a truck across country tends to be a little boring.

Who doesn’t like being their own boss? Freelance opportunities such as writing, photography, or being a personal trainer allow you, in most cases, to work independently. One key aspect however: make sure you’re good at your craft. If so, you shouldn’t have trouble finding people who need your services.

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