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So You Majored In…

The first installment in a series exploring alternative career paths based on your education- jobs you didn’t know you were qualified for.

So You Majored in a Foreign Language

Where in the world— literally —should you look for jobs as a foreign language major? You know about teaching abroad, ESL, and working as an interpreter, but let’s take a look at some jobs you might not have thought of. This list highlights not only the translation skills you will have gained as a foreign language major but also your cultural knowledge and communication finesse. Turns out, the government is one of the largest employers of foreign language majors. Who doesn’t want to be a secret agent? Cue Carmen Sandiego theme music.

6 Jobs
Journalist/Foreign Correspondent
Cultural Events Coordinator
Bilingual Test Administrator
Immigration Case Manager
Bilingual Counselor

6 Places to Look for Jobs

Nonprofit organizations
State or U.S. government
Magazine or publishing house
Travel agency
Hospital or public health organization
Marketing firms

3 Jobs You Never Thought Of
Television/movie dubber
Rosetta Stone content writer
NSA or FBI agent

So You Majored In History

“So…are you going to teach?” Is there anything more annoying than this question if you don’t want to teach? Contrary to popular belief, as a history major you’ve acquired more than just the ability to rattle off names and dates. You are most likely an excellent writer, a top-notch researcher, and a great critical thinker. These skills are valuable and marketable, and while your eventual goal may be to be a talking head on the History Channel here are some things that will get you by in the meantime.

6 Jobs
Writer (e.g. biographer, political journalist, historical fiction author)
Foundation Staffer
Congressional Aide
Digital Archivist
Communications Coordinator

6 Places to Look for Jobs
Public Radio/Television
Educational publishing companies
Testing and test prep companies
State and local government
Family genealogy agencies

3 Jobs You Never Thought Of
Living History Actor at a museum or historical site
Historical Consultant for films, video games, or television
Tour Guide (explore biking/hiking tours, or tours for resorts or cruise ships!)

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IMAGE: Courtesy of Blogspot Blog

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