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Summer Job Tips For College Students: What to Look For

It seems like summer jobs continue to get filled faster each year. Scampering around at the last minute when searching for a summer job can be your worst nightmare. Especially since it typically culminates with you desperately accepting a job that you genuinely
hate. With this in mind, my greatest piece of advice is to begin looking and applying for jobs as early as possible. Below, I’ve compiled a list of tips that should help refine your summer job search.

Look in Your Field of Study
A summer job is an amazing opportunity to acquire experience and knowledge in your field of study. Your ideal summer job should expand your understanding of an industry by providing you with experiences that you would never receive in a classroom. Furthermore, experience in your field of study will be beneficial when applying for year-round positions in the future.

Work for a Company that You Want to Work for After Graduation
If you already have a company in mind you want to work for after graduation, then apply for a summer job there. Once you impress them with your strong work ethic and comprehension of the industry, ask them about the possibility of working there again in the future. Getting involved with a company that you plan to work for after graduation will grant you insight as to exactly how the company works, which will ultimately help you in the future. Also, you’ll have a greater understanding of the company culture for when you return after graduation. Above all, you won’t have to repeat the job search process.

Look for a Position that Will Give You Pertinent Skills
If you have trouble finding a job in your field of study, then search for a position that will give you skills relevant to your field of study. A job that improves the necessary skills for being successful in your intended industry almost always looks great on a resume.

Look in the Newspaper
The “Help Wanted’ advertisements in the newspaper tend to go overlooked. These can serve as a fairly simple means of finding a job, chiefly because you know the employer is currently trying to fill a position. Don’t forget to search in local newspapers as well.

Remember to Network
The explanation of this tip is twofold: 1) It’s important when searching for a summer job to perpetually bring it up in conversation with basically everyone. You never know if the person you’re talking to knows where there are open positions. 2) Try to find a job that will render networking opportunities. It’s always beneficial to have influential references to give to a potential employer.

Look for Benefits
Jobs with benefits should be very desirable for younger job seekers. You’ll come to find that not very many summer jobs will provide a high level of compensation, let alone any compensation. Benefits are very rewarding for the positions that don’t offer a satisfactory level of compensation.

Try Going Abroad
A lot of students have the urge to travel but aren’t able to during the school year. The summer can allow a student to do the traveling that they have been craving. Even if you are merely traveling to another part of the country, this option may be the best for you. You don’t necessarily have to hold a position that is in your industry when you are abroad because the skills and cultural experiences that you will garner typically look outstanding to a potential employer.

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