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Employers: Understand the Importance of Employee Appreciation

Many managers don’t recognize the importance of employee recognition in the workplace. It isn’t that they’re intentionally ignoring to recognize good work when it’s done, but it’s just that many are too busy to take the time to stop and say a simple thank you. A lot of us are working our butts off and it’d be nice if we got some recognition! Some employers are hesitant to give recognition, because although they have the best of intentions, employees may feel jealousy and dissatisfaction towards each other. Other employers believe that the only way to recognize good work is by giving bonuses, but in these economic times many companies can’t do that, but there other reward incentives they can implement to reward good work.

In order to understand the importance of employee appreciation, think of your employees as members of a sports team. For many that played sports, remember when your coach patted you on the back and told you how great of a job you did? Remember how great you felt when they told you that? Suddenly all of your hard work and training had been validated through the recognition of your coach. You probably felt motivated to keep doing well, and it was probably easy to do because of the boost of morale your coach gave you. Employee appreciation in the workplace works the same way: if a manager can effectively thank and coach with recognition, they can make a significant impact in that employee’s performance and mood.

Successful recognition can also positively impact the company because it can attract and retain employees. It does this by building loyalty between the employee and the manager, with whom they associate closely to the company itself. The strong loyalty bond keeps employees retained in the company and avoids the company from having a high turnover rate. It also attracts prospective employees by having a good reputation. Employee recognition will cause good feeling employees to begin to spread word-of-mouth praise about the company to their friends and family. Over time, this builds a positive reputation for the company and draws in good talented employees. There’s nothing wrong with having a good reputation and being well-liked, and employee appreciation can do just that. Employee appreciation also shows the importance of employees overall and it’s relation to keeping the company a strong and well-oiled machine. This will steer the future of your company in the right direction and everyone in the organization will benefit.

If you find your workforce lagging behind, then employee appreciation can give them a production boost. Appreciated employees will work hard because they know their hard work is valued and this will motivate them to keep getting the recognition they deserve. People who feel appreciated also feel more positive about themselves, so it’s a major confidence booster. Confident employees will feel more confident in their abilities to contribute to the company and will therefore have the proper motivation to positively contribute to the company. Employee appreciation should be done a regular basis to keep improving the personal performance of employees that will keep improving the company overall.

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Hanna Guerrero

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