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The Benefits of Job Shadowing

Have you ever wished for a way to know for sure if a company or job position is for you? Why not consider job shadowing? Run by the U.S Department of Labor and Junior Achievement, February 2 was and is the annual job shadow day and a day when numerous individuals across the country take the time to shadow a worker for a day. There are many benefits to jobs shadowing including gaining experience and building your network base. Aside from that, the biggest benefit is knowing early on whether a position is the right fit for you or not.

Too many times individuals have accepted job offers only to find out that they do not like the work and or the company’s agenda. Job shadowing solves this problem. Observing firsthand what a company does rather than just reading on the internet about it is more beneficial in the long run for all involved. While shadowing, if you decide that this job indeed is for you, your chances of being hired increase tenfold because you are showing the company that you are serious about working for them by taking the time out of your schedule to observe them voluntarily and unpaid. The company will see your dedication and interest and definitely take it into consideration when making hiring decisions.

Another benefit of job shadowing is being able to gain valuable on-the-job experience. Job shadowing allows you to see up close and personal the ins and outs of a company and how it runs. It allows a potential job candidate to develop the necessary on the job skills quickly and effectively. A successful job shadowing prepares you with the skills needed for the actual job so you can be productive, if hired, beginning from day one.

Finally, job shadowing has the potential to increase your networking contacts. While shadowing, you will most likely be meeting many people who can eventually be added to your networking repertoire. Even if there are no current employment opportunities at the company you are shadowing with, keeping in contact with some of the employees you have met may be able to open doors for you down the line in terms of employment.

So if you are considering working for a potential company, inquire if they have a job shadowing program you can take part in. The benefits of job shadowing are numerous and if you end up not liking the company or position, you will have learned sooner rather than later.

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