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Signs in an Interview That an Employer is Not For You

You may be hearing every which way from friends and family to be grateful for any job offer that comes your way and accept anything and everything that pops up- especially in this job climate. However, there are times when you know in your gut that a job is definitely not for you. In these instances it is better to look elsewhere or turn down a job offer because going through with an offer for employment that you will eventually leave is a waste of time for both you and your prospective employer. Spark News discussed earlier today signs that prove a company isn’t for you. To stay on topic here, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at employer habits that are unsatisfactory as well. There are many things that come up, especially during an interview, that can indicate that you and an employer will not mesh well. Here are some signs in an interview that an employer is not for you.

1. If an interviewer is constantly looking at their watch or composing text messages during your interview, it is definitely a sign of a shifty employer. Someone who cannot give you their full attention for a brief job interview will probably not do well in either training their employees or explaining the rules and regulations of a company.

2. You take a seat for the interview and the interviewer is short, curt and just plain rude. Maybe they’re having a bad day, maybe they’re just like that on a regular basis. Either way, taking out your frustrations on potential job candidates is unprofessional and certainly a sign that an employer is not for you.

3. You have been asked to reschedule an interview twice already and the third time you show up, the employer is inexplicably nowhere to be found. It may just be a case of a very busy individual but if an interviewer cannot organize themselves to make time to speak to you, then they probably would not be very reliable in an actual work environment.

4. You have repeated yourself several times to an employer concerning your work history, former alma mater, etc and they are still not retaining the information. This is not only a sign that the employer is not for you, but also a sign that they do not pay attention to the little details which is an important aspect of any job.

There are many more signs and the ones listed here are not set in stone. There are exceptions to every rule so always think twice and follow your instincts while in a job interview.

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Stephanie Becerra

Stephanie Becerra is a Chicago native. She spent a couple of years working in social services before she realized that her passion was in writing. She is now writing full-time. When she has free time she enjoys reading and also listening to records on her dusty record player.

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