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Make the Best of Working in a Cubicle

Let’s face it, working in a cubicle can drive you mad. You’re in small gray box for eight hours a day among many other people in similar small gray boxes. We all wish we had our own personal office, but that’s not the case. Take ownership of your cubicle and make it work for you. Work cubicles are where we spend more time or just as much time as we do at home. They can be small, drab, and confining. Working in a small space, with little privacy and amidst distractions, cubicles can easily feel like working in a prison cell rather than a personal space of positive work ethic.

There are easy ways to decorate your work cubicle and make it your own. There are also ways to avoid the distractions that come with working in one of the many cubicles in your office. These helpful tips will make your work experience at your work cubicle a good one.

Let Your Personality Show
Think of your work cubicle as your dorm room when you were in college. What’s the first thing you did when you moved into your dorm room freshman year? Chances are you decorated your room with posters, pictures of friends and family, and other things that reminded you of home or made you feel happy. Your cubicle works the same way. Adding pictures of your loved ones and friends will cheer you up on a bad day. I personally have a picture of my dog making a funny face, even if I feel at my lowest that day seeing that funny furry face will make me smile. Having pictures of people that inspire you or a poster of inspirational quotes will motivate you throughout the day. All of these items will help you make connections with your fellow coworkers.

Clear Your Desk, Clear Your Mind
My English teacher in high school used to say that all the time and her sage advice has helped me beyond the classroom. Having an organized desk at work that is free from clutter will make you feel less stressed and the organization will help you get work done in a proficient manner. Make use of your drawers and organize papers into folders. You don’t have to be incredibly organized if that’s not your style, just getting unnecessary papers and files out of sight will be sufficient enough.

Get Comfortable
If you aren’t comfortable at your work cubicle, you can easily change that. If you’re too cold, buy a small space heater. If you’re feeling too hot, buy a small fan. For those that suffer from the cruelties of a bad office chair, buy a back pillow for support. Finding a solution to your discomfort will make you feel more relaxed and at ease with your work.

Eat Healthy Foods

Offices are known for their stockpiles of donuts, soda and an unhealthy plethora of snacks. All these unhealthy sugary goods will only keep you energized for so long until you crash in the middle of day. Keep healthy foods at your desk that promote energy and creativity like dried fruit and nuts or fresh fruit.

Get Rid of Distractions
You can shut out noisy neighbors by bringing headphones to work. Tune out distractions by listening to your own tunes on your computer.

Get Distracted
Sometimes, all you need is a distraction from your work to help revitalize. A recent study by the National University of Singapore showed that web browsing refreshed tired workers and enhanced their productivity.

SOURCE: The Street
IMAGE: Courtesy of The J-Walk Blog

Hanna Guerrero

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