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Workplace Behaviors to Avoid

We can all have bad habits- and we do-  but do you know if you have bad work habits? Bad behaviors at work in this current employment climate can put your job at risk. Now, more than ever, it’s important to avoid bad work behavior.
Here are bad behaviors at work you may be guilty of doing. If you hold some of these bad habits, it may be a good idea to check yourself and start working on how to break them. Failing to do so may cost you your reputation at work and possible even your job.

Email Addiction
We all get a little too attached to our inbox, getting that little pop up on our bottom right screen brings excitement, but it’s also a huge distraction. Most of the emails we receive aren’t urgent, so check your email twice a day- once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Your email addiction may extend from your laptop to your phone, because let’s face it, our phones are our lifelines or at least that’s what it feels like. Turn your phone on silent throughout work and check for messages during your lunch break.

Acting Like a Busybody
Needing to know everyone’s business whether it’s work related or not is more than likely bothering your fellow co-workers. Avoid gossiping and listening in on office gossip at all costs, It’s a waste of time and not worth the drama. If it is work related information that you’re looking for then schedule meetings with members in your department to get informed. If you can’t avoid the constant flow of office gossip then put on your headphones to tune them out.

Bad Email Etiquette
Do you type up emails to your boss and coworkers the same way you’d type up a quick text message to your best friend? You should keep your emails professional at the office by ditching the “lol”s and “omg”s. Since emails lack any tone in emotions, they’re length may send the wrong signal. Short and abrupt email messages are often perceived as being angry or tense. Change this bad behavior around by going over your emails and make sure you’re keeping them professional and considerate.

You’re Known For Your Excuses
It seems that you have an excuse for just about everything and everyone knows it. Whether it’s your tendency to forget to email the PowerPoint presentation to your coworkers before the big presentation or making up answers as you go to your boss’s questions, you can’t admit the truth. This results in a waste of time for your colleagues and management. Make a plan to be better prepared by making a list of things you need to do and take time to gather your thoughts.

Multitasking Disaster
Some people can handle juggling more than one task, while others can’t. You shouldn’t feel bad that you can’t be a multitasking beast. If multitasking is hindering your performance decline then it’s time to hit the brakes and work on one task at a time. Working at your own pace and one task at a time will help you get tasks done not only on time, but done will less errors.

This is a bad behavior many are guilty of because it’s so easy to fall into the habit of doing. Pushing to do everything later and with the internet at your disposal is an easy way to waste time. Putting off tasks will put you behind on your work and the pressure to finish last minute will show on your poor performance. Break up your tasks and when you finish each part, take a small break. Taking small breaks instead of one long one will ensure that you work throughout the day.

Tardy All the Time
Being late everyday doesn’t make you seem like the professional career person you’re striving to be, now does it? Your manager may look at you as being unreliable and unprofessional. The fix sounds simple, but is hard for those that hate waking up early. If you’re late because you like to get as many hours of shut eye as possible, you’ll have to go to sleep earlier in order to wake up earlier to come into work on time. If you’re late because you decided to watch some of the Today Show, then you’ll have to sacrifice your time with Matt and Anne for a better reputation at work, because the Today Show isn’t going to pay your rent.

SOURCE: Forbes
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