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How To Accept an Online Interview Invitation

Getting invited to participate in an interview with an employer or a recruiter is a really exciting thing. First of all, you have been working very hard to get just this. All of your resumes, applications and video resumes have been put out so that you can get some face-to-face time with an employer. Second of all, if you play your cards right you may be on your way to getting a new job, new employer and new paycheck. Exciting! So, how do you correctly accept an interview invitation? More specifically, how do you correctly accept an online interview invitation?

If you haven’t been a dedicated reader of Spark News for a while, then it is time you learn about one of the most exciting things we do at Spark Hire. Spark Hire is a new job search platform that allows for you to centralize everything in your job search on one site. On Spark Hire you can search for jobs, apply for jobs, create a video resume, create a profile and most exciting, you can participate in online interviews. This may sound odd if you haven’t heard of it before, but online interviewing is becoming more and more popular in the job market. It’s especially popular among startups. Online interviews can save you, the job seeker, time and money in your job search and can actually do the same for companies.

With online interviewing, you no longer have to travel out of your way to meet a company that may or may not work out. Even more, you can interview with companies on the other side of the country with ease. It is likely that more and more companies will start to incorporate online interviews into their job search as they start to realize how many benefits they get from it. Although some companies are still just now starting to get hip to online interviews, some companies have already started using it. So, what do you do if a company invites you to participate in an online interview and you have never heard of it before? No worries! Spark News will walk you through the process of accepting an interview invitation on Spark Hire.

If you have applied for many positions and finally hear back from one, congratulations! That is the first step to snagging the job you want. What if the company likes your resume, video resume and skills and wants to participate in an online interview with you? First thing’s first, read the email carefully. Make sure you take the time to carefully comb through what this employer said in their email. If they asked you to participate in an online interview on Spark Hire, then there will be a link in the email directing you to Spark Hire’s site.

When the scheduled time comes for you to participate in this interview, you’ll simply go to your interviews tab on Spark Hire and get yourself set-up for the interview. The whole process is simple and fast. Plus, having a Spark Hire account opens you up to so many benefits and advantages for your job search that it simply wouldn’t make sense not to join. Sign up today for your free Spark Hire Profile and get yourself ahead of the competition. Online interviews are an inevitable part of the future, so get started on them now!

Nicole Nicholson

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